I was invited to Tokyu Hands @ Orchard Central together with Carolyn on Wednesday and we had a blast!  Tokyu Hands is a Japanese ...

Tokyu Hands Singapore @ Orchard Central

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I was invited to Tokyu Hands @ Orchard Central together with Carolyn on Wednesday and we had a blast! 

Tokyu Hands is a Japanese Concept stall that opened its first outlet in September 2014 at the Westgate Mall. Its Orchard Central Branch first opened on 20th November and offers a great variety of products, from cosmetic products, household appliances, a wide variety of stationery and even travel essentials! 

The outlet at Orchard Central is also the only outlet that offers "The Japanese Difference" merchandise that showcase various award-winning products by Japanese designers! These products refine daily lifestyle items by merging BOTH functionality as well as aesthetic sense. 

Here are some of the really interesting products which I wanna share with you guys! 

Uki Hashi chopsticks. I'm not sure if you can tell, but if you place the chopsticks in a certain way, its ends would not touch the table which makes it more hygienic than the normal chopsticks. It's also more convenient because you will not have to worry about having an additional chopstick rest on the table!

Oh and not forgetting this really unique umbrella! So apparently its pretty famous in Japan, and that it's able to dry the umbrella much faster with its inverted structure.

 Hahaha ok I had no idea why I was so happy

 A scrub that allows you to remove hair on your legs or arms. It has a waxed base, so all you have to do is to rub it on your skin and it removes them magically! And yes, it doesn't hurt as well as it has a smooth base!

 Posture corrector!

 Hahaha and if you find that the previous umbrella was too bulky, then fear not! This portable one is not only water resistant, but it can fit up to 4-5 people in a single umbrella (even though it looks really small). 

Tokyu Hands also offer a wide range of health and beauty products! Oh and even slimming rollers which can help you tone certain parts of your body (not sure if it really works though). 

 Hair Chalk

 Make up products 

 Nail polishes 

We were also in awe with the number of stationeries Tokyu Hands offered! Look at the different types of decorative tapes they had!

Month planners / Calander

 A WIDE range of stationeries 

 Files and Envelopes

They even offer notebooks and calligraphy pens as well!

Other than stationeries and make up, Tokyu Hands also sells household appliances such as pots, pans, baking utensils and even shower heads! 

We were introduced to the Jewel Shower head. Jewel Shower has this cleaning power of jewelled ceramic and a negative ion head. So it's able to make our skin feel much smoother after filtering the water that comes through it, and it can even reduce hair fall! 

Multipurpose detergent that can also be drank!! Haha it'll be great for households with little children 

 Bags and travel essentials !

Customization tote bags

And yes, we were both really happy with our purchases! I snagged most of the make up products such as the Heroine Make mascara as well as the Canmake lip balm + stain. I've been wanting try out Japanese make up products since everyone keeps raving about them, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so! 

Don't hesitate to head down now!
You can get your Christmas shopping done there too :) 

Thank you once again to Tokyu Hands as well as Orchard Central for the invite.

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