Hey guys! Okay I know it's been a while. Like 10 days? 10 days since I last crafted a legit blog post and that's like almost a ...


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Hey guys!

Okay I know it's been a while. Like 10 days? 10 days since I last crafted a legit blog post and that's like almost a year in my blogging terms, since well, you know I rarely ever stay away for more than a week. I won't go into the details of what has been up because well... you know. Especially when you're also in university and have 1001 assignments and project work on your hands. But I guess my stress level is still not as insane since I still haven't reached a point when I post emo quotes about life on social media. Hahaha. Ok no offense about that, but just that sometimes I think it's hilarious cos it's not like posting a picture with an extremely emo quote below is ever going to help in anything. (No offense. I repeat, no offense to anyone who did that because I am being extremely judgmental here and I do not know the pain that you guys are going through).

Ok that aside.

I decided to break the silence with a series of backdated photos!

1) Mini steamboat reunion at ma crib

They say that the familiarity will always be there with your closest friends, even if you guys haven't met in the longest time. I think that's really true of our friendship, especially when we have known one another for 8 years. Finally decided it was time to meet up since we haven't seen each other in a while, and sometimes, spending time at home is so much better than going out there and squeezing with the crowd. I think we really had more fun spending time indoors  and stuffing ourselves silly than we've had in a long while now :)

2) Sotong

Meet the man behind most of my ootd photos and probably the most patient and nicest guy I know. Like where can you find someone that's willing to go the extra mile for you every single time, and he's amazing at taking ootds btw. Hahaha he can go all the way just for a photo (Because he also knows his very good friend can be very anal when it comes to her ootds) and hasn't even complained once? Ok, not just with ootds, but he's an amazing guy as a whole too.
Btw he's still single, girls! ;) 

Oh and look at how far we've come hahahahahaha

Ok moving on....

3) Nene Chicken!

This was taken some time back when C and I had this major craving for Nene chicken and practically everything under the sun. Hahaha so yes, we met up like cray during that period just so we could satisfy our cravings, and it was really funny to think how diverse our palates are. 
She's definitely my bestie for a reason! ;) 

4) Jun Hong's 21st

At Velvet which was also the first time I stepped into that part of Zouk. It was a pity that the deejay for the night really sucked, but I was so glad that my dear J was also coincidentally there for her friend's birthday so we FINALLY got to meet outside of school (Though it wasn't the best place). And thank you JH again for the invite! :)
I hope you had a great time, and thanks for being such an amazing friend/listener for the past few years  

(Ok this was actually taken during recess week but I realized I haven't posted it here so I might as well hahaha)

4) Lola's Cafe!

J and I finally decided to give ourselves a little treat in the midst of our crazy packed schedule and we decided on Lola's! I first tried it when Shuang brought me there, and I've missed their honey paprika wings ever since! I don't know if it was me, but somehow it wasn't as good as I imagined anymore. :( 
But I mean, I was really glad that we finally managed to meet out of school (again). Haha and it's nice how we can meet lifelong friends like that along the way, and I'm so glad that I chose to take Korean a year back :') (Though yes, I've forgotten everything I've learnt)

Can't wait for our burden exams to end and we can finally yoloswag at the XLB buffet and watch Momento together   

5) Tuesdays with Shuang

The only day in the week where we get to meet one another, because we don't have any common mods this semester but time spent with this girl is always precious :') 

 6) Last week of school

And all the mandatory photo-shoots we have in class/out of class. I must say that I've been blessed by the best group mates this semester (ok some of them but they're good enough). There have been some drama, but at the end of the day, I'm still glad that we delivered what we had to and as an amazing team of 7 5 I mean. :)

And I'm gonna end off the post with some pictures to make you reaaaaally hungry!

 Sin Ming Prata
 Thai Ice-cream waffles @ November 8
Maple & Market 
 The Crossings Cafe
 Cronut @ Gastronomia
 Lobster Mac & Cheese @ Feedlot Steakhouse 
 The Sushi Bar

Lots of updates to be done here, and I still have plenty of backdated reviews, so do stay tune!

Toodles :)