Hello yet again! Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week because I've been extremely swarmed (I think that's an unde...


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Hello yet again!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week because I've been extremely swarmed (I think that's an understatement) and I haven't had the time to blog. My life now revolves around school work, my lovely friends as well as the usual lack of snooze and I finally get how the college diagram shit is affecting me.

I'm obviously more towards the "Social life" and "Enough Sleep" group but I'm really trying ma best to incorporate School work into the picture. Somehow I'm sort of lacking in the "enough sleep" category too. Don't get me wrong, I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have been given so many opportunities and learning experiences for the past few weeks, but there are days like today where I just want to spend some time alone and catch up on the things that I need to do without the guilt of not studying at the back of my mind. 

I've tons of backdated reviews + upcoming ads so do stay tune!!!

1) Singapore Light Festival

Whoops! I've been hearing so many interesting stories about this and finally got to experience it for myself this year. I first went there like 2 years ago but the experience was a whole lot different when I went this year. Partly because the company was so much better than before. But we chose the wrong day to go and when we reached, Shigga Shay (simi sai?) was rapping and we were struggling to decipher what the hell he was mumbling. I swore I even heard someone saying "Walao he this kind also got crowd ah" Hahahaha.

2) Zhihua's Birthday!!!

September was also a month of birthdays with Zhihua's kick-starting the birthday season. Heh we planned a surprise party for her which went surprisingly well! It was a mad rush in the morning with all the decorations falling off the wall and balloons not sticking in place, but what came afterwards was totes worth it all. 
Hope you enjoyed yourself, dear girl :)

3) Kiseki with Claudiaaaa :)

We were supposed to try out the $14.90 BBQ on that day but little did we expect the queue to be that long. We queued for more than an hour only to realize that the sides were all OOS by then. The owner was exceptionally apologetic, but we were so hungry and angst by then that we decided that we should at least treat ourselves to smth good after the long wait. So.... Kiseki it was! And yup, I sorta felt that we made a better choice going to Kiseki than to the Korean BBQ. Look at the spread of food we had! We were attacking the prawns like cray because they were so unbelievably fresh and yummy. 

4) Ariela's 21st

Another girl in our clique to turn 21, and it was really nice that her birthday party was held in school. (Cos she really lives in school, like her house is just there, in school. In hall somemore.) and I'm still very amazed by this fact until today. Hahaha we had tons of amazing food specially prepared by her family, and we were also trying to Shazam all her songs and stealing her playlist all night because it was just so good! 

5) Lunch with Shuang

Like finally becos we haven't met each other in ages! We've been so caught up with our own lives that we haven't had the time to meet, but it was definitely great catching up with my dear marshmellow and cam-whoring like what we used to when we had all the time in the world :) 
School's gonna be tough again this semester, but hang in there dear girl. 
I know you can, and you will :)

6) Jasmine's 21st

Went to meet the rest of the girls to celebrate Jas' 21st right after that at 7Kickstart Burgers! I've heard of this place, tried it and have always wanted to do a review on it though I can't seem to find the time. Hahaha I like this place for their burgers, and somehow I feel that they should just stick to that and not try to cook mains. Happy birthday again, Jas! Hope you've had a great time yourself and thank you for inviting us :)

7) Clarence's farewell

Farewell party for our dear Clarence that happened a week back and also when we stuffed ourselves with 40 XLBs. YES 40 MY FRIENDS. Gluttons being gluttons but somehow I still think that we laughed more than we ate. Hahaha we were so full that we could barely even walk, and we swore that we wouldn't touch XLBs again in months to come. 
(I kinda broke that and it was horrible cos somehow XLBs didn't taste as nice anymore. Not sure if it was due to this XLB coma or what) 

Heh #overlyattachedFFTinterns and proud.

7) Butter ribs!!!!

I just wanted to post a picture of this BECAUSE THE BUTTER RIBS WERE AMAZING. I was like trying to scrape the milk powder off the plates the entire time because they were so good!
 A zichar trip to Two Chefs with HM, ZH and Alex followed by a trip to Sunday Folks that day.

8) Misc 

Another trip to Holland V with Alex before our star-gazing session which turned out to be a complete flop because it started raining. Still, we got to try the famous 3 inch sin lava cakes (which did not flow again) as well as the Nasi Lemak & Katong Laksa there! Heh and also my first time trying to take a good picture of local delights.

9) Sensorium 360

Another trip to SAM with my sotongballz because I was dying to visit the Sensorium exhibition!!!! Basically, it is an exhibition that gets in touch with all of your senses (Touch, taste, smell, sight... etc) and I was really amazed by some of them. Hahaha but my favorite was definitely Nippleland where we jumped on huge nipple beanbags and took tons of photos using the legendary selfi-stick as well as my mini tripod. 

The exhibition is still on-going till Oct, so do give it a visit if you can! 
It's free for all Singaporeans/PR btw :)

Yeap, that's about it for now!

Heh in other news, I finally got my IPhone 6!!!!!!! Ok no, I wasn't one of those people who queued up overnight or anything if you were wondering, but I pre-ordered it with Starhub so I got it yesterday.

 I'm kinda getting mixed feelings from it, really. Like I'm still getting used to how big the screen is, had to restore my phone like 4 times because my Itunes backup won't work and got logged out from Whatsapp for more than 5 hours shortly after. On the other hand, I love the Touch ID function and the camera............ OMG don't even let me get started on it. I don't know if I should feel happy or what, but I'm really praying that nothing else goes wrong. 

Alright, I'll blog soon!