Hello! So, many of you would have seen me tagging @wewantsugar or hashtagging #wewantsugar on Instagram and if you were curious about w...


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So, many of you would have seen me tagging @wewantsugar or hashtagging #wewantsugar on Instagram and if you were curious about what all that was about... well, I'm gonna explain and introduce this app to you today!

So basically, Sugar is an application that shows you all the possible discounts for various cafes/activities in a page and you'll get $10 credits for just signing up with them!!! So how's this application works:

1) Sign up for a Sugar account using your phone number

They have partnered with lots of really cool cafes such as Stateland cafe, November8, Sarnies, Audacious Cakery, The Bravery, PARK...etc and these are cafes that are really popz now! 

Sugar also filters the cafes and shows you those that are nearer to your current location! This was the list of cafes that were near to the location I was at! 
(Hahaha I had to mosaic it for privacy reasons cos obviously I was home at 12:40am in the morning)

 When you click on the left tab, it presents you with categories where you can choose from according to your preferences. 

I went with "I'm peckish" because I was craving for desserts! 
Yes, at 12:40am in the morning. 

So after choosing the item that you want, you can skim the item by $0.20 by just clicking on the icon next to it! 

 Want to skim it further? Well, there's also this option for you to share this item with your friends via the various platforms so that they can skim it for you as well! :) 

But Sugar only releases ONE ITEM per day so.... you kinda risk the chance of your friends or other people buying if you delay the purchasing process for too long. 

 So once you've decided on the item you wanna get, just add it to your cart, pay, and redeem away!!!
As I've mentioned, you get $10 worth of FREE credits when you first sign up with Sugar.

However, you can buy more credits from the app when the it runs out :)

Like seriously where can you find a creme brulee for only $1?! 

Here are some of the items I've redeemed ever since I started using Sugar!
Banana Chocolate muffin from The Muffinry for $0.60

 Red Velvet Waffles from Cake Love for $1

Truffle fries from PARK for $5
Makisan for $2.40 
(You can top up an extra $2 to change it to a Megasan)

No guys, I'm really not exaggerating.
Just download the app and you'll get why I'm gushing about it!
It's available on both the Apple Store as well as Google Play :)

However, a point to note is that all items have to be redeemed at the stores itself using the app, and that you'll have to redeem it WITHIN 7 DAYS of your purchase and its for DINE IN ONLY. Sugar also only releases ONE ITEM per day so... fastest fingers first :)

Just wanted to emphasize on this, but I mean, it's good to chill at those cafes anyway so dining in wouldn't be a problem! As for the 7 days time frame, just get the item when you know that you're gonna pop by that area within that week and you'll be safe!

So what are you waiting for?!
Download the Sugar app on the Appstore now! :)