Greetings!!!! I'm here to do another edition of let-me-blog-about-my-backdated-photos because I haven't done it in a while, and...

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I'm here to do another edition of let-me-blog-about-my-backdated-photos because I haven't done it in a while, and I must say that there's quite a bit of updating to do from where I last left off! School started just 2 days after I finished my intern, and I haven't had the time to properly sit down and type because I've been so swamped with well..... life. But life has been good to me so far, and I'm thankful for every little blessing that has been showered upon me everyday.

Summer also made me realize a lot about myself in many different aspects. I've learnt more about my likes, and dislikes. About discipline as well as love. Love, in the sense that I'm starting to love being single, and how it gives me more time for my friends, my family and more importantly, myself. Also, I love seeing my friends in love, and how they're being nurtured by it. In a way, it makes me believe that the right one really does exist out there, and that it's still something worth investing in... :')

And well, a few weeks back, I lost my most precious companion, Cookie, to old age and to an illness which he has been battling for some time. He was struggling quite a bit prior to his passing, but he was exceptionally strong and hanged on for about a month or so without food before bidding us goodbye. It pained us, but we also found peace in knowing that he's in a better place, and that he can finally put an end to his suffering.
We still do miss him everyday. 

Well, back to the post!

(Its gna be reaaaaaaally long so hang in there!)

1) Chalet with Claudia, Fk and Shawn!

2 months back (HAHA YA I'm gna start from 2 months back), the 4 of us embarked on this mini adventure over the weekend (I suspect thats where I got my chicken pox too) at Coastasands Sentosa! The main idea was to live in Kampong Styled houses and to live outside our comfort zone. We were greeted with bunk beds as well as public toilets which was something we could never have experienced elsewhere. We wanted something to make up for the Penang trip which we didn't go for, and so in exchange, we were rewarded with a late night movie, a BBQ session and well.... lots of snacking.

2) Yiling's 21st

Also another night which we got to meet up with the other YTzens. :) Happy Birthday once again dear girl! I'm so glad that we came back into one another's lives again ever since bumping into each other at Starbucks 2 years back! 

3) The Bravery with Sotongballz

Which happened the week after I recovered from my horrible Chicken pox and when I decided to treat myself to something good.

3) Sushi Bar + Campaign

Popped by town before our dinner date to lend some support to my dear girl! I'm not sure if you have read my post on, but if you haven't you can read it here! They were having this Pink OR white campaign at Orchard a few weeks back in response to the recent pinkdot controversy, and I obviously chose PINK.

Love has no boundaries. And I strongly believe that God will love each and everyone of us regardless of who we love because we were created in a certain way for a reason. We should not discriminate because of some shit reason of an idea of a "traditional family". Like, who are you to judge? "Traditional" is subjective and in MY dictionary, it refers to the union of 2 people who are in love and who are willing to live a life together regardless of gender. Period. 

4) Symmetry with Shuangz

Horrigible food but the company totally made up for it. This was also the day when my phone blacked out on me and gave me the biggest shock of my.... 2014. But Thank God for the Epicentre stuff and their magical hands that brought my phone back to life again. :>

5) Shawn's 21st

Celebrating another milestone with ma broster. I'm so happy to see you enjoying yourself that day, and even though you couldn't be everywhere at once, you were a great host and still made sure that everyone's needs were taken care of. Here's to 8 years of great friendship and counting!

6) Dimsum date with Carina

Caption says it all. We found a hidden gem for dimsum that day at Dim Dim (Hahaha I guess they didn't bother to put in much effort into naming the restaurant) and then proceeded to try Llao Llao and concluded that it wasn't as fantastic as everyone said it was. Hahaha thats why I luv her cos our tastebuds are too similar at times.

7) Poulet

A really nice catch-up session with Fel, David and Shawn where we had awesome chicken (Now I know why everyone is raving about this) and Shawn filled us with tons of love stories which got us melting faster than ice. So so so happy that he has found the love of his life, and even happier to see him feeling this blessed now. Effort really does pay off. :')

8) Birthday week

Where we ate ourselves silly but I couldn't have been happier to have spent my actual birthday day with my BFF, which is something like a tradition that we've been doing it for years. And hopefully many many more years to come. :) We payed a visit to Pin Si as well as Quayside Isle which was unbelievably beautiful even though the weather was trying to murder us.

9) Histori BBQ with Jolin

Met up this dear girl of mine before school started and had Korean BBQ in exchange for our Buffettown BBQ before hitting the town for some shopping. Love chill days like these where we can just have the time of our life without having the need to worry about anything. :')

 10) Teppei

Lunch with Clar, Cheryl and Jamie during one of our workdays but this was kinda disappointing even after hearing raves about it. The sauce was too salty and the sashimi wasn't very fresh too. Worse still, there as this psychotic guy next to us that made us lose half of our appetites. I would rather go back to The Sushi Bar any day.....

11) Dinner at PODI

Dinner with Boon Tat at PODI and I was pretty excitez that I finally got to try it!! Here's a photo of one of their famous dishes - Waffle with duck confit, topped with a poached egg. I was pleasantly surprised as it turned out to be better than expected (Cos I read mixed reviews from others before giving this place a visit). I'm not sure what this says about their consistency, but I'll def return here to try the rest of their dishes!

12) Sunday Folk

Met Carina for the last time because she was flying off the following Monday. Visited Sunday Folk - the newly opened cafe located at Chip bee garden for their highly-raved waffles! This cost us $13.60 but I was really in love with their soft served ice-cream. :) Do give this place a visit if you're near! She really loved the waffles here! :)

13) Steamboat with Shuang

Dinner with my marshmellow after not seeing her for weeks. It felt really great meeting and catching up with her and I'm so so glad to know that she's doing well . :')

We had our meal at Xian De Lai, a rather known steamboat restaurant along Bugis and we were greeted with an array of dishes to choose from. This was around $26 per pax, if you were wondering! I forgot to take a snapshot of the menu but it's worth trying. :)

14) National Day

National Day spent with ma BFF for......... korean food!!!! Went to Togi Korean Restaurant @ Tripleone somerset to satisfy this craving which we had been having for a while now. The food was pretty daebak, and the portion was huge! Prolly one of the best bimbimbaps I've had thus far. :)

Concluded the day with our Tsujiri ice-cream :>

15) November 8

Nov 8 with JH and Wenda! Hahaha we've been postponing this meet-up since 2 weeks ago because of our busy schedules. I haven't been there for quite some time now, and I guess they've added new items to the menu. Food wise, it still tastes as good (at least for me) and they also added new creations to the waffle menu such as the salted caramel waffles and the fruity waffles!

It was a great catchup with them, and I can't wait for the next one. :) 

Headed back to FFT for my last Small Cafes Unite event after that and had dinner with the rest! :) 

And lastly..............

16) Paradise Dynasty with ma BFF!!!

A pity that we didn't take any photos, but I haven't had this much fun in a loooonnnng while. We were supposed to head to Changi to redeem our cheap cheap XLB, but we ended up having more than one meal (HAHA not uncommon between us) at 4 fingers and hopping around diff game machines at the arcade. It has been long since I felt this carefree, and thank you for being one of the few whom I can say stupid things and do silly things with ♥ :)

Andddddddddd that's about it!
Sorry if you felt overwhelmed, and thank you for reading till the end (if you did)

More reviews coming up soon, so do stay tune!

Toodles :)