Hey everyone! A few weeks back, I was invited to Glomax Aesthetics to try out their facial treatment. Even though they mentioned that i...

Sponsored Review: Glomax Aesthetics

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Hey everyone!

A few weeks back, I was invited to Glomax Aesthetics to try out their facial treatment. Even though they mentioned that it would not be obligatory for me to write a review, I was thinking like why not share this experience with the rest of my readers? And there's a discount treat for you guys too, so do read on till the very end!

Glomax Aesthetics located at Soho 2 at Clark Quay beside Swissotel Merchant Court!

Do exit by Clark Quay MRT station exit B, and when you do, just turn left and you'll spot this place :) 

Here's a before shot of my complextion before the facial treatment! I only had on a wee bit of sunblock that morning.

Sorry ah, but it's gonna be a blogpost full of selfies again and this time, quite a bit of unflattering ones. 
(Don't say I never wong you)

Upon reaching, I was greeted by Sun, one of the staff there and I was presented this slip of paper and a warm glass of tea to indicate my medical history as well as details of my lifestyle. 

I felt this was pretty important so that they'll be able to talior a treatment just to suit your skin. Sun also asked me about the current facial products that I am using to understand more about my facial routine.

Here are some of the other facial treatments that they offer:
Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment 90mins $168 
- The Women's Weekly Best Pre Party Facial Award 2014

Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 60mins $150  

 - Simply Her Best Anti Acne Facial Award 2014

Ultimate Bright Enlightenment 60mins $250 
- Cosmopolitan Best For Sensitive Skin Treatment Award 2013

Eternal Lifting Treatment 60mins $400 
- The Women's Weekly Best Non-invasive Treatment Award 2013 

I was then given a diagnosis about my skin. I was told that I have really dry skin with an oily combination and so there would be a lot of impurities stuck beneath my skin (which was why my skin had constant outbreaks which led to scarring cos my itchy fingers couldn't stop poking at them :( ) 

She then recommended me the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment so as to remove certain white and blackheads. Sun patiently explained each step clearly to me and also pre-warned me that it might get a little painful for me as my skin is pretty dry, so the extraction process might be a little more tedious for my skin 

The room I was brought into for my facial treatment 

I would say that it was pretty cosy, and there was plenty of bed space for me 

I first started off with a Sonic cleansing process that helped me remove the impurities off my skin before they started on the acne treatment. I was pretty horrified with the amount of dirt on my skin (hahaha but no I didn't take a photo of it cos it was too disgusting) 

And then..... The Acne treatment.

Ok, when Sun told me that it would hurt, I was rather prepared but I didn't expect it to hurt rather badly, and this pretty much sums up how dehydrated my skin was. But the pain was still rather bearable, and my facialist was also really understanding when I told her that it was getting a little uncomfortable and kept pausing the treatment for me. 

Hahaha ok but a point to note is also that my level of pain tolerance is kinda like 3/10.... So I guess that's really subjective? And the difficulty of the extraction process would also depend on your skin type. So I wouldn't generalize and say that it'll hurt the same for everyone. 

Here's an "after" photo of the extraction process. 

(HAHA I know it looks really red and blotchy now but do continue reading!)

An antiseptic treatment was then applied on me to kill off the bacteria on the skin's surface and to sanitize my skin before the next treatment. It was then followed by an IPL treatment  to re-balance the sebum level. The IPL treatment was done by applying a cold gel on my skin and sudden bursts of light were then shot on my face. (My eyes were very well-protected during this process)

I was then given a charcoal mask to reduce the redness swelling from the extraction and for a cooling effect. Another fact I liked about them was that they would explain and give me details about the facial product before applying them on my face.

 (They had to cut holes for me around the eyes and nose cos I am claustrophobic lolol)

The experience lasted around 1.5 hours, and I was also glad that there was no hard-selling or anything after the facial which I felt was rather professional! The team was really friendly which made the experience an enjoyable one as well.

Here's how my face looked like after the treatment! The redness was all gone by then, thanks to the charcoal mask! 

Not red and blotchy anymore right! 
(This was taken under natural sunlight!)


Here's a discount treat for my readers!

Quote "Cassan" when you make an appointment, and you'll get to enjoy a FULL 90 mins Acne Facial Treatment Facial for just $88! (Up to $150) 
Limited for first time customers only, valid for a limited period.

GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry

12 Eu Tong Sen Street. 
The Central, Soho 2.
#06-168 Singapore 059819


Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am-8pm
 (closed on alternate Mondays)
Sat - Sun: 10am-5pm (closed on alternate Sundays)

Do give them a call to book your appointment now! :)