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[Adv] Using 65 Daigou for TAOBAO Part 1

12:45 AM Cassan 4 Comments

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Hey guys!

I'm not sure if you read my recent ootd post (if not you can find it HERE hahaha) but if you realized, I get most of my online purchases from Taobao. I've heard many complaints of my friends have given up on that web because well, it's so damn difficult to use with all the Chinese words going on and the website can be a bit of a mess.


Fear no more, because 65 Daigou is here!

Well, where do I even begin.

I've been a loyal user of 65Daigou since 2 years ago when I first started my blogshop business. Every time I ship stuff from there, I am sure to be guaranteed with a prompt and good service that's hassle free. Therefore, I can vouch for its efficiency and consistency! Many of you might feel that shipping companies always take forever to bring your stuff over to SG, but when I use 65 Daigou, the longest I ever had to wait was 1 week tops. I'll almost always get my items within 2 weeks of ordering when I opt for Economy Class shipping (3-5 days).

Another reason why I love shopping from Taobao because I can get blog shop pieces at like half / less than price sold online? It's the exact same thing but with a drastic drop in price.

So how do we go about buying from 65Daigou?

First, you would be greeted with this homepage!

1) Sign up for an account

2) After which, you would be greeted with this Homepage.
(Mine's a bit different ah hahaha. I saved and tried hard enough to get the VIP title. Told you I've been using this since eons ago!)

So, this is the part where things get a lil tricky because Taobao comes into play.
In a way, I'm luckier than some of my friends because I have the auto-translate function (From Chinese Language to English) which helps me make shopping at Taobao a little easier. 

The column on the left allows you to choose from a variety of categories that you might want to shop from. But usually I'll just use the search tab at the top to look for something specific that I want. 


I keyed in 背心连衣裙 which also meant "Sleeveless dress". Those who are not fluent in chinese, not to fret! You can always key it in English and they'll know what you mean too.

And after much browsing, this was what I found which I would like to purchase!

I would then proceed to copy the link of the item and paste it under the "Ez Buy" function on 65 Daigou

It will then bring you to another page which would look like this where you can make your purchase!

You'll get to choose the color and size of the product that you want, as well as which warehouse you would want it to be shipped to. You'll also get to choose the shipping method as well!

I chose the dress in Pink, as well as the Shanghai warehouse which I would normally choose. 
I then chose the Economy shipping which would take around 3-5 working days to reach Singapore! It usually takes around 4 days for mine because they're really efficient. 

Here's their shipping chart which you may want to take a look at:

You can then proceed to make your payment!

Payment can be done through transfering to their Bank accounts and then for them to verify the payment. My verfication process is usually pretty fast and it takes only around 1 hour max for them to confirm my order?

Here at 65 Daigou, you would be required to pay twice. Once for the product and another time for its delivery + shipping charges.

There're a variety of shipping options to choose from.

Look at the number of places that they deliver to!

1) Neighbourhood Collection
(The amount of neighbourhood collection points that they have is insane!)

2) MRT Collection 
(With varied timings)

3) Warehouse self-collection
(Woodlands, Tanjong Pagar, Tampines, Jurong, Tai Seng Service Center)

4) Home Delivery
(Flat rate S$5 - for parcels with a total weight less than 8KG
Flat rate S$8 - for parcels with a total weight equal to or more than 8KG)

You can find out more info about their delivery timings and places here!

Another reason why I love buying from 65 Daigou would also lies their way of handling the products. I always get my packages in a bag / wrapped in bubble wraps so as to prevent any damages to them. I'll address more about that in my next post!

Why 65 Daigou you may ask?

Here're some comparison points between buying directly from Taobao and buying from 65 Daigou for you to consider.

As compared to

Hope this helped to make your decision-making process a bit better!

I'll be sharing my recent purchases as well as my OOTD with certain items from Taobao in my next post :)

Do stay tune!
Haha you'd be surprised by how unbelievably cheap some items are!

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  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hi! Can I know what sizes do you order from taobao?

    1. Hi! I usually order M/L depending on the type of clothing. For bottoms, I'd definitely go for L since the sizes might run a little smaller :)

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Hi, wanna ask if they will notify you to pay for the second time for delivery and shipping charges? (: and they will only ask you to pay when the items reach the warehouse we choose? (:

    1. Hi, Yup, they will notify you to pay for the second time but I guess you can also check the website around 3-4 days after you order. They will only prompt you after your items have reached the Singapore warehouse. They would only give you the estimated shipping charges before it ships from the China warehouse. :)