Hi world. I haven't had the time to sit down and type a proper post in the longest time. Whenever I publish a food review, I'll ...

A lil' update

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Hi world.

I haven't had the time to sit down and type a proper post in the longest time. Whenever I publish a food review, I'll either use the time on the train or before I sleep to tie up the last details before publishing it. You might wonder why I still bother, since I rarely even have the time to R&R myself, but I guess there're just some things that you just don't give up on? Even when everything else is taking up your time.

But yes, I wouldn't say that I have the "time" now cos technically speaking I'm half alive as I'm typing this. The doctor just granted me 14 days MC due to the dreadful chicken pox. Like IKR. I literally burst out " are you serious?! " when the doctor diagnosed me and it took me a while to finally accept that fact. Like come on, I'm 21. And there I was happily thinking that I will never be suay enough to kenna that. Ok la, but more of the fact that I've vaccinated before so I assumed my immune system would be so god-like that it can never touch me. But nooooo turns out that there was still a 30% chance that I would get the virus and I fell right into it. 

So yes, that also meant that I've to be quarantined at home which sucks cos I've dinner and lunch plans plus a hell lot of events next week. And not being able to go for any of that pains me in a way...... And now I've to be stuck w soft and bland food so that my condition does not worsen.

Sigh..... Life.

But in any case, internship has been treating me well! For those who don't know, I'm currently working at Food For Thought! Yup, the cafe. If you haven't heard of it before, now you do! Haha. I'm in charge of certain events as well as some of its social media platforms. I'm doing this tgt with another intern whom you will see later in the pictures. In a way we can drive each other crazy with all the bickering we do but I won't deny that he's a really pleasant and okay.... sweet person to work with. #bffworthy.

Other than that, all the other colleagues have been really nice too. There's not a lot of people under the arm of FFT so everyone's like a big family.... Which makes us want to fork out more of our time and effort without any complaints. 

Here are some of their shout-out worthy dishes I've tried!
Full Works
 Milk Chocolate Pancakes
 Steak and Eggs, Chye Poh Salad

House works, Beef cheese burger, pulled pork burger

And not to forget the endless amount of fries I've binged on since I started working there.

"Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work for a day."

And in this case, it so happens that my job deals with food.... Which I clearly love. I'm very certain that I'll miss everyone like cray when I'm gone #overlyattachedintern.

In other news...

Alex and I have been working on an egg feature together and it shld be published some time this week before he leaves for summer! We'll be featuring 5 cafes that specializes in the variation of eggs you can find in breakfast dishes, so do keep a look out for that! 

Here's a sneak peak to what we'll be featuring:

Can you guess where they're from yet? 

You can also check out his other food reviews! (I've linked his name to his blog). They're really extensive and detailed! 

Oh and last but not least, heres what I have been up to!
(Be warned. This post can get really long. I'm doing this cos I'm in desperate need to clear photos from my phone (2000+) and becos I realized I haven't done this in a while!)

1) Sleepover with Shuang

This happened a month ago before my intern started and right after our exams. Spent an amazing night at the waterfront + drowning ourselves in BKT + watching Thor overnight + camwhoring like cray + snacking on whatever we could find. Definitely a great way to celebrate the end of another sem <3

2) Birthday lunch at The Westin with Wenda

A few weeks ago, we finally managed to celebrate W's birthday together because her actual day fell right in the midst of our exams. Had a great birthday lunch @ The Westin and we were not disappointed. Plus, it was really cheap considering that we only paid $42 after GST and service charge with the quality and spread of food we got. Oh, and not to forget, dining with a view! The hotel overlooked the entire MBFC area and the view was spectacular. I'll blog a separate post on this soon. Shall do a review on it!

3) Hapz hapz night with HM and A

Haha the title explains it all. My first attempt at crashing ladies night at stayed all the way till 4am. Went home and had a sleep coma that day. We've been talking about this ever since school started this sem and finally decided to unwind after our exams. It was my first legit experience at clubbing and it wasn't as bad as I had expected. But but Thank God A was with us that night!

5) Dinner date with ma best buddd

Strictly pancakes for dinner one faithful night before I went to meet my OG! It was a really impromptu meet up because we were already supposed to meet later in the week. Haha but being us, we could never say no to food. Strictly Pancakes is one of my favorite go-to places at Upper Thomson when I'm craving for something good and light!

6) Dinner with Shuang x 2

On two separate occasions when I met her after my first day of work and she gave me my first drawn portrait of myself. The second, when we rushed to catch Maleficent after work and she gave me the sweetest smelling fake flower.

Seriously trying to spoil market for my future boyfriend. Who needs guys when you've got friends like her? :') 
Can't wait to meet you when I'm better. Shuang!! 

7) Saveur with W

Our impromptu lunch where I flew all the way to the cafe from my office and flew back. Hahaha but Thank God W was there to chope seats first. It's always a good meal at Saveur and I'm really glad that their standard is still as good even after all these years.

8) Dinner date with Carina

One of the rare moments we got to meet up after work. Not gonna see this girl for a year after she flies over to NYC for her internship and I'm sure that I'm gonna get major Carina withdrawals after that. :( 

I know we said that we won't speak of it until the day draws nearer but I also wna tell you how much I'll miss you!

9) Xmen with C

Where we walked the whole of Orchard again in search of birthday gifts and stuffed ourselves silly with Macs + popcorn that day. It was one of the usual days where we were craving for anything we could find but ended up only clearing half of our list because well.... we couldn't possibly stomach everything hahaha. Like what C once said - our greatest conflict is with food. 

She's like my longest friend and bff but we have never quarreled before. Not even once. Unless you're talking about who gets the last portion of food but most of the time we'll just buy separate portions because we refuse to share. Hahahaha. 

10) Dinner at Hungry Chimps with the klutz

Horrible food but the company made up for everything! Haven't seen them since 2 years ago after we left JC and we finally got to meet up for dinner. The food at HC was so horrible that I decided to not even waste my time on a review.

11) And lastly, Malaysia trippin' with Jolin!

Which I would also cover in another blog post with everything we ate and prolly a little guide on where you can head to if you're going to JB for the first time! Like seriously, it takes lesser time for me to travel to Malaysia than to school.... not because of the fact that I live in Woodlands which to my friends, is the only thing they can associate to staying in that area. But the fact that it's really easy to get in there and the food inside are unbelievably cheap and good!

I swear I really need to start clearing my photos more often becos everything is just all over the place. There're times where I even forgot what I did and only managed to remember them after browsing through Instagram because I can't be bothered to upload all of them on FB..... which is a habit which I shld start cultivating now. It really helps to keep track of my timeline too. 

Haha you can follow me on my Instagram at:

It's so much more organized there.

I hope your week has been treating you well!!

Toodles! :)