Two weeks ago, Shuang and I decided to ditch the exam stress by rewarding ourselves a trip to Gardens By The Bay in line with Tulipmani...

Gardens By The Bay

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Two weeks ago, Shuang and I decided to ditch the exam stress by rewarding ourselves a trip to Gardens By The Bay in line with Tulipmania. I was pretty determined to go because I missed the one last year and was not going to let it happen again. We were blessed by a great weather though we were already melting by the time we got to the ticketing booth. It happened to be a weekday when we went so it wasn't exactly very crowded. 

Tickets were priced at $12 each to the Flower Dome where the Tulips were at. You can also top up an additional $8 to get tickets to the Cloud Dome, but I was told that there was nothing much there except for a waterfall which looked magnificent from the outside. 
We didn't have much time on that day so we decided to give Cloud Dome a miss!

The flowers in there were stunning. I guess even "stunning" was an understatement. Most people visit Tulipmania for well.... Tulips but I'm pretty sure I was the only one who squealed and ran towards the daisy bushes when I saw them. Hahaha I was like paying more attention to them than to the tulips that were on display. 

I'm not exactly a flower enthusiasts but I can never say no to daisies for sure. 
*Erhem* This will be a good heads up my future boyfriend. Or to anyone who would ever surprise me with flowers. *Erhem*

Haha, I don't wanna bore you with my typing, so I shall let the pictures do the talking! 



 HAHA my fairy godmother 

 Ended our day with a K session at Partyworld which was unbelievably affordable at only $12 for 3 hours! We were already late for our reservation by the time we ended our visit but still could not resist snapping pictures. Shuang, I know I've emphasized on this countless of times, but I'm so glad to have found you in school. Thank you for coming into my life this year, dear girl. :-*

Now that exams have ended and my holiday is almost over, I can feel my internship looming. Ok la, it IS really gna start soon. I'm not sure how these 3 months are gonna turn out, but I've been having one hell of a summer. The feeling of lazing around, walking along the streets without the guilt of having to study or lugging study materials everywhere..... is just priceless. I've been spending my days eating, slugging, and catching up with my dear friends just to make sure that all these will make up for the summer I'm losing.

Gonna dine at the Tea Lounge @ Regent Hotel this Sunday. A, HM, ZH and I have been planning this for months and I'm so so so happy that the day is finally drawing near.

Will update soon!