Located at Bukit Timah Road, The Missing Pan is a shophouse that comprises of both a bakery as well as a brasserie on the second level. It ...

Food Review: The Missing Pan

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Located at Bukit Timah Road, The Missing Pan is a shophouse that comprises of both a bakery as well as a brasserie on the second level. It takes pride in serving food of quality and consistency, so much so that they employ a circulator to make sure that all of their eggs are poached to perfection at exactly 62 Degree Celsius. The Missing Pan is also well-known for their French Toast Salpicon, which encompasses both sweet and savory into a dish. 

619D Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6466 4377

Nearest MRT Station:
Botanical Gardens

What they are famous for:
French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Pulled Pork Burger

Opening hours:
Tuesdays - Sundays: 10am - 10pm
Closed on Mondays

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Bakery Section
Promotional Deals
Pastries and bread loafs for sale
Cakes available
Second floor interior


We had:

Over Hangover - $19
(Chicken schnitzel, bacon, sunny-side egg on sourdough, bacon vinaigrette) 

This dish stands out with its humongous serving. The chicken schnitzel was really crispy and flavorful. It was served with a double sunny-side up and bacon vinaigrette which had a sweet after-taste. One downside was that the sourdough was a little tough, but this dish was totally worth the calories! Definitely something that I would highly recommend. 

Pulled pork burger - $19

One of their specialties! The thin strips of pork were drizzled with barbecue sauce and this was also accompanied by a generous serving of fries. We enjoyed every bite of this and it definitely lived up to its name!

French Toast Salpricon - $19
(Chicken, spinach and mushroom stuffed in french toast, banana nuggets, mixed berries, strawberry-smoked maple syrup)

Always leave the best for the last, they say. This is the first french toast I've had that had both sweet and savory in a dish. The chicken, spinach and mushroom complemented the fruits and banana fritters perfectly which was hard to resist. In all, this was an interesting combination that was definitely worth a try. As usual, the portion of the french toast was gigantic and our $19 was well-spent on this plate of goodness. 

The service was great and the server took the time to patiently explain and describe the specialty dishes to us. There are various servers assigned to both the first and second level so that your needs would be taken care of. Drinks were re-filled promptly too.

This cafe is great hide-out for one to escape from the crowd. The first level comprises of their bakery while the second story is designed to the comfort of diners. The cafe is great for one to enjoy brunch on a lazy day, and I felt really comfortable and at ease when I was dining there.

Hope this review helped!
Toodles :)

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