Artistry is a hybrid of both an art gallery and cafe which believes in dedicating itself to recognizing both local and international emergi...

Food Review: Artistry

7:04 PM Cassan 4 Comments

Artistry is a hybrid of both an art gallery and cafe which believes in dedicating itself to recognizing both local and international emerging artists. The cafe serves as a platform and space for events, talks and performances. It also serves Liberty coffee as well as pies from Windowsills on beautifully crafted plates and cups.

17 Jalan Pinang, 199149
6298 2420

Tel: 6298 2420

Nearest MRT Station:
Bugis MRT Station

What they are famous for:
All day breakfast, PB & J Waffles, Burgers

Opening hours:
Tuesdays - Sundays: 10am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

 Cafe Counter
 Windowsill Pies and Cakes for sale

 Cafe Interior 
 Self-service section
 Weekday promotions
 Outdoor seating
 Floral set-up on each table

We Had:

 Big Breakfast - $15
(Two scrambled eggs served with pork sausage marinated with our craft beer, sauteed mushroom, spinach and toasted brioche)

The scrambled eggs were fluffy and cooked to perfection. I really loved the craft beer sausages as they were flavorful. Another interesting fact was that they subbed the usual salad with spinach and sauteed mushrooms which I didn't quite like. It was too salty for my liking. 

 Eggs on Toast - $10
(Two scrambled eggs served with sauteed mushrooms and toasted brioche)

The ingredients were the same as the ones mentioned above just that this platter does not include the craft beer sausages!

 PB and J French Toast - $14
(Brioche french toast stuffed with swirls of peanut butter and raspberry jam drizzled with maple syrup and then topped with vanilla ice-cream and mixed berry compote)

This, my friends, would be the reason why i would definitely return to Artistry. I was amazed by how they managed to sandwich both peanut butter and raspberry jam in the middle of the toast. Also, the berry compote and maple syrup tied in with the entire taste perfectly and was surprisingly not as sweet as expected. Definitely got us wanting more!

We were seated on the outdoors and were neglected on a couple of occasions. We had to personally refill our drinks and had to keep going into the restaurant when we required assistance.

The cafe interior was surrounded by paintings from various artists. The cafe is rich in art and culture and also a great place to chill with a small group of friends. Its outdoor seating is also perfect for people watching and lazing the afternoon away.


Met Jolin for lunch a day after our final exam to celebrate our freedom, and that was also the start of my one week holiday before my internship began. We spent the afternoon over a slow meal before heading over to Haji Lane to do a little exploring. It's been long since I last visited that area but I always loved the hipster vibe it brought. 

Jolin's another of my really good friend whom I met in Year 1. Hehe we took the same Korean mod together and she was my biggest takeaway from the Korean class (not exactly the language because I kinda forgot 3/4 of what I learnt.....) I'm so glad that we are still in contact and still taking the same mods together. Oh and not to forget, always being in the same frequency about everything. 
#yolo #swag

Behind the scenes of each #ootd shot hehe. I'm always really thankful when people help me take my #ootd shots because they are always incredibly patient with me. :')

Ended the day at Orchard after some shopping and girl time together. Really thankful to have you, Unni :') 

Oh and I hope this review helped!


  1. Thanks for the recom! Finally deciding to pay this cafe a visit!

  2. gd write up, thks for the reviews about this place, gonna check it out

  3. look forward to more recommendations from you

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