A few days ago, I was scrolling through my blog post and I sort of realized that my blog is slowly transforming into a space just for re...


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A few days ago, I was scrolling through my blog post and I sort of realized that my blog is slowly transforming into a space just for reviews and clearly lacking the personal touch. I'm not sure if my readers will even be interested in reading about my life or just coming here for the sake of my reviews hahaha. If only Nuffnang or Blogger has a tracker for such stuff. But in any case, I decided that why not share more of my personal life here as well? Since I've been blogging since 2006 (YESSSS hahaha I started THAT long ago) and I wouldn't want this space to go to a waste and stop myself from expressing whatever I wanted to. I should learn to blog like how I usually do on Dayre.

So what has been up with my life?

1) Exams
Yup, the dreadful finals. I'll be having my first paper tomorrow and I'm just taking my break time to draft up this post before going back to cramming all the contents for my exam. One thing I like about New Media is that since I'm an extremely social media oriented person, the concepts become really relatable to me. But studying them is another thing. Sometimes, I feel that the concepts are so relevant that I become complacent. Like I feel like I should know them already so I don't bother much until it all goes blank when I enter the exam halls. Sighhhh :'(

2) Internship
OH YESSS. I finally clinched myself an Internship after forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I've sent in countless of my resumes, went for various interviews and finally found one which was suitable. I'll be working at The Thought Collective under the arm of Food For Thought as a Social Media Marketing Intern! In a way I'm really excited because I hope that I'll be able to immerse myself into the cafe culture and learn more about it. They say "Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." Hopefully I'll get to experience that during the holidays since well.... I'll be sacrificing most of my time for the Internship. Haha so I better achieve something great out of it if not I'll just be wasting three months of my time! It'll also be the longest job I have had. But I'm glad that I'll be able to experience a chapter of the working life so that I can better prepare myself for the future.
(Eh friends who are reading this, come find me for lunch please. Haha.)

3) Cafe-hopping
Another thing that I'm looking forward to would also be a featured cafe-hopping article that I will be working on with A after finals! I'll update you guys with more details soon! :)

4) Er Idk.
I'm sorry but my life has just been mundane like that unless you count cafe-hopping into the picture. But I'm happy with the way life is now, with the right people in my life and the people I care about doing well. Its finally stable and I'm glad that some things turned out the way they should have. Thank God for the closure that I needed.

So that's about it for now.
Will definitely update this space again when I have the time to, and I still have countless of backdated food reviews that I've yet to work on.

And a big thanks everyone who has been reading this space! :')