March also saw the advent of my best friend's birthday. Many of us were really excited about this celebration because we very much wan...

6th March - 21st Surprise

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March also saw the advent of my best friend's birthday. Many of us were really excited about this celebration because we very much wanted her to have an amazing day. Preparations were made approximately a month before and everyone cleared their calenders for 6th March. Managed to secure a BBQ pit at a condo in Yishun after much sourcing and we were very much set for the day!

We planned a surprise travel-themed party for her because she loves that sort of stuff. It was supposed to be a close-knitted party because we knew that she would want an intimate gathering with a few of her closest friends - no pretense, just a day where she can just be herself. BUT.... the hardest part was surprising her because she has always been the one planning parties for everyone, so the whole world knew that ambushing her would be no easy feat.

Everyone had to lie that we couldn't meet her that day due to our personal commitments, that we would just be meeting her on the following Sunday. I also had to come up with a series of lies - that we were just gonna have a simple celebration and dine at some secluded place at Semb Park (BUT IT DOES EXIST). Plus things like showing her a photo of the venue and prove that I had already made reservations for the day.

But in the end I guessed she still managed to suspect that something was amiss. Haiyoz.

Reached there much earlier to set up but still ended up rushing like ever. I'm really thankful for S and W who got their early to helped out too, because I'm sure that it wouldn't have succeeded if not for them. FK too, who kept offering his services after rushing down from army. The wind was being a bitch that day and caused the balloons and decorations to fly everywhere. We had to secure them with any weight we could find and to keep chasing after them. Even the fire couldn't start because of it, and we had to resort to begging for oil with some of the residents until one was kind enough to spare us with some. But nope, nothing worked.

In the end, we had to rush out to get fuel and by then it was already 6:30, and I was supposed to hop on the cab to fetch C at 6:15am. Had no choice but to come up with something and lie to C that I would be late. Hahaha we ended up taking a cab and I was really glad that the cab uncle was up to all of these. Told him to keep it a secret of where we were going, and he sportingly agreed.

Presented a travel ticket to C while we were on the cab but haish, turns out that she had the same passport cover already, just that it was in a different color. *shoots myself*

And Surprise!!!!!

 Look at the charcoal! Haha all set up by S the pro.

"Having a few true friends is more of a blessing than having a thousand fake ones"

As we grow older, we start to realize that we don't need fancy parties or a 1000 and one people to be there for you. Sometimes, all we need is a few true friends who are there, whom you know that will never give up on you nor bail on you. Whom you know that will stand up for you no matter how many others bring you down, and we there to steer you back to the righted path.

Happy Birthday once again, Claudia!!! May you have a great 21st ahead and be forever blessed and loved