Day 4: Kathu Waterfall, Mine Museum, Boating event, Leamhin Seafood The last day of our trip *insert lots of sad emojis* .  We ch...

Phuket Day 4

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Day 4: Kathu Waterfall, Mine Museum, Boating event, Leamhin Seafood

The last day of our trip *insert lots of sad emojis*
We checked out really early in the morning because we still had tons of places to go, and we knew that looking for a cab driver would be time-consuming. Started the day off with McDonald's, which was something we were supposed to have for supper but didn't have the time nor tummy space to! 
The McDonald's there served fried chicken as well as sides that were as big as our heads. An upsized meal cost us around SGD $6ish. I was really taken aback because the Macs in BKK was so much cheaper! But plus point was that they served Ovaltine and Thai Milk Tea which was something you could never find in SG.

We spent around 45mins sourcing for a cab driver. We wanted to book a cab driver for an entire day which would bring us all the way to the airport at night. Most offered us a standard rate of 2200 baht (around SGD $88) which was waaaaaay too expensive! 

In the end, we managed to secure a private cab driver who charged us 1500 baht (SGD $60) for an entire day. Do note that normal cabbies operate on a flat rate. Prices varied according to your Nationality which was a total rip off. Best to go for private cabbies instead! We left our luggage on the cab and specifically told the driver that we brought our passports and along with us, so there were nothing valuable left in our bags.

Kathu Waterfall!

It had no entrance fee and so it was definitely a great place to go, considering the fact that we were almost broke by then. It offers hikers and trekkers a great adventure but not so for us because we were not in the appropriate attire. Still, silly us still managed to climb all the way up and mind you, I was in slippers and a dress. Totes not glam please. 

We were supposed to visit Phuket Town but unfortunately, it was closed to public on that day due to some children's event. Poor us had to resort to visiting the Phuket Mining Museum instead. 
Verdict: Nothing interesting except for the magnificent landscapes which we managed to chance upon. 
Admission is 50baht (SGD $2) per person because they had student rates!!! 
We were really amazed by how we were also entitled to it and just had to show them our student cards.

His attempt to climb the hill just for a photo...... I was holding my breath and praying that he wouldn't fall to his death........ #boysbeingboys

By mid afternoon, we were out of places to go. The cab driver then brought us to this sailing exhibition which was an utter waste of time.... It basically resembles Singapore's Keppel Bay on a larger scale.

Ended our day with a hearty seafood dinner! 
We were contemplating to head back to Kam Eng seafood, but it was too far away from the airport. This restaurant, however, was just 15 minutes away from the airport and it served cheap and good seafood. By then, we only had around 800 Baht (SGD $32) left and were determined to spent it all..... WHICH WE DID.

Dinner with a view
And countless of mozzies. 

Tom Yam Soup 
Thai Battered Prawns
Another form of battered prawns
Grouper (I think) with their signature sauce

This, my friends, cost only $32 and it was one hell of a dinner. 
It was prolly the most value-for-money meal we had in Phuket, apart from the street food of course. The portions were humongous and we were trying to wipe them all, which we obviously failed. 
Do give this a try when you're in Phuket the next time!!!! They had other interesting dishes on their menu but we were too broke to try...... 

Well thinking back, I would definitely visit this city again, but definitely not in the near future. One thing I am really thankful for, was that we managed to try most of the water activities. We can now rid ourselves of the temptation to try out these water-sports when we visit the next beach holiday destination, and truly immerse ourselves in the sun. 

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Toodle noodles!