November 8 cafe was opened by 3 friends who shared the same passion for quality gourmets. This relatively new cafe fits into the community ...

Food Review: November 8 Coffee & Company

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November 8 cafe was opened by 3 friends who shared the same passion for quality gourmets. This relatively new cafe fits into the community of delectable food found along Upper Thomson Road. Donned with colored pipes, potatoo sacks and the Mr Bean series playing on their TV,  this cafe is indeed charming. As we dived further, we eventually found ourselves head over heels with both the food and coffee served.

  • 11, Sin Ming Road, #01-30 Thomson V two S(575629)
  • Singapore, Singapore 575629
  • +65 6554 4388

What they are famous for:
Coffee, Waffles, All-day breakfast

Opening hours:
Monday - Tuesday: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Thursday - Sunday: 12:00pm - 12:am

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10

We had:

Flat White - $4.50

November 8 is a famous for their coffee. The coffee here is brewed with their own blend. It emitted a fruity after-taste when drank warm but gave more of a roast-ty flavor when it was cold.
Fact of the day: Coffee gives different flavors when consumed at different temperatures. 

November 8 Breakfast - $18
(Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, Gourmet York Ham, Portabello Mushroom, Tomato and Creamy Avocado Spread)

I couldn't say no to smoked salmon and Portobello mushroom. The eggs were creamy and well-cooked. I loved every bite of the smoked salmon as it was not too salty for my liking - I tend to be very critical about this. The Portobello mushroom was succulent and the York Ham tasted good too. 

I felt that avocado with scrambled eggs was a good combination just that they were a little too creamy together! Toast wise, the texture was just right for me - fluffy and crisp. 

Waffle Breakfast - $15
(Freshly made waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon and gourmet sausages)

The waffles were the bomb. I'm serious. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy within, and I loved how amazing the batter tasted. Definitely something I would go back for again. The bacon here wasn't crispy so whether you like it depends on how you like your bacon cooked! Personally, I loved it because I prefer chewy bacon. Sausage was flavorful so another thumbs up for this dish!

Potato Rosti - $16
(Freshly made Rosti served with scrambled eggs, Bacon, and Gourmet Pork Sausage)

This was similar to the Waffle breakfast! The Rosti was fragrant and crispy at the sides. Reminded me a little of hash-browns! 

Big Breakfast - $20
(Scrambled eggs with bacon, Gourmet pork sausage, Gourmet York ham, Premium smoked ham, Tomato and Mushroom)

This was like a rendition of the November 8 breakfast just that they removed the avocado spread and added Smoked ham to it. The smoked ham was divine!

Berrylicious Waffles - $9
(Topped with fresh Rapsberries, Blue berries and Ice-cream)

We knew we had to order this after trying the waffles. As usual, this did not disappoint and got us wanting for more. I can't emphasize how spectacular the waffles were, so do try it for yourselves! It was topped with Vanilla ice-cream.

Prices were NET and inclusive of GST charges. Ordering has to be done at the counter but they'll serve it to you. The food took a little long to be served, probably because they were short-handed. Still, they were really hospitable and took care of our every need. Drinks were re-filled promptly. 

This place had a hipster vibe with indie music playing. I loved the interior with colored pipes, rice sacks and origami tulips on each table. It's a place that's perfect for chilling on a quiet afternoon or in the night. It opens till 12am so you can still get your coffee fix no matter how late it gets! A place that I will re-visit for sure! :)

Hope this review helped! :)


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