Who says that eating salads have to be dull and distasteful? At The Lawn Cafe, being healthy does not come with such a price. As its slogan ...

Food Review: The Lawn Salad & Grill Cafe

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Who says that eating salads have to be dull and distasteful? At The Lawn Cafe, being healthy does not come with such a price. As its slogan "Meat your greens" begets, it serves 12 tantalizing grills as well as 12 salad dressings to go with your choice of Salad or Olive Rice. You even get to customize your salad with a selection of 5 toppings or more! 

I had the honor of being invited by Jonathan to try out certain dishes on the menu. The Lawn is located at both Biopolis and Shenton Way, allowing ease of access for the working crowd to dine with a healthier choice.   

Psssst: The Lawn now comes with DELIVERY! 
Head on down to http://order.thelawn.com.sg/ to order!

Getting there:
From Exit D at Buona Vista MRT > Walk through Metropolis and through the 24hours linkway > Biopolis.

What they are famous for:
Garlic prawns, Salad and Variety of grills

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: Closed

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Service: Self-service


 Grill section

Outdoor seating

 Indoor seating

Miscellaneous Corner

The menu which allowed us to customize our own salad / olive rice! 

Create-Your-Own-Salad Instructions:
Step 1: Choose your base 
1. Salad Bowl (Mesclun Salad + 5 toppings + 1 dressing) - $7.90
2. Olive Rice (Olive Rice + Side Salad + 1 dressing) - $7.90

My 5 choices: Baby Potatoes + Sliced egg + Onion + Parmesan Cheese + Almonds.
Dressing: Wafu Sauce (Mayonnaise, Sesame Oil, Ginger).

Many of you might associate Olive Rice with Thai food, but one thing that surprised me was that this tasted nothing like the ones we've tried. The olive rice here resembled that of an Asian fare. The owner wanted a fusion of both western and chinese-inspired dishes with both Salads and Olive Rice heading the menu. The rice was of a fine texture and I could taste every grain of it. The olives were fragrant!

Step 2: Choose your grill(s)

We were then given an array of grills to try from!

Chicken breast with fresh herbs (+ $2)

The chicken breast were tender and succulent. The herb tied in really well with the chicken breast and together, they emitted a rich flavor. The herb reminded me a little of basil. 

Chicken Breast with Maple Infusion - (+ $2)

Topped with pepper, the chicken was moist and tender. I couldn't really taste the maple in it, but one thing I liked about this was that it wasn't oily even though it was barbecued!

 Grilled Teriyaki Chicken - (+ $2)

My favourite of the lot! The teriyaki taste wasn't too overpowering and married the chicken breasts well. I'll be sure to order this with my salad the next time I visit. 

Char-grilled prawns with Garlic - (+ $3)

Another of their house specialty! Both H and I loved every single bite of this because it was so tasty! The prawns were juicy and aromatic.

Aceto Balsamico Beef Cuts - (+ $4)

I found the meat to be a little tough. Taste-wise, it was a little peppery and dry. 

 Ben's Beef Rub - (+ $4)

I preferred this to the beef cuts! The origin of Ben's Beef Rubs came from the owner's friend when they were barbecuing in his backyard one day. The owner enjoyed the marination so much that he swore to name these after his friend if it ever got out! 

The meat was tender and chewy, and I loved how it was a little charred because it was a slightly crispy on the outside. The marinate was thoroughly infused into the beef cubes and it was totes yum!

Butter-seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub - (+ $3)

It turned out to be a little bland. However, Jonathan assured us that it does not taste like that on usual days, that it was just an accident on the chef's part. The dory was pan-fried with salt and butter.

Grilled Black Pepper Duck Breasts - (+ $3)

The meat was tough and I didn't quite like the layer of skin surrounding the meat. But for sinful eaters, this might just be the side for you!

Other grills include:
- Char-grilled Cajun Chicken
- Char-grilled Asparagus and Eggplant (if you're going vegetarian!)
- Portobello Mushrooms
- Dory with Fresh Fruit Rub (only available during dinner)
- Grilled Salsa Duck Breast

Step 3: Choose 5 toppings (For Olive Rice, skip this step)
Pasta (Fusilli) / Tomato / Olives / Sunflower Seeds / Granola / Baby Potatoes / Cucumber / Alfafa Sprouts / Raisins / Cashew Nuts / Couscous / Carrots / Beetroot / Parmesan Cheese / Almonds / Sliced Egg / Corn Kernel / Bell Peppers / Cheddar Cheese / Peanuts / Pineapples / Onion / Chestnuts / Pumpkin Seeds / Tofu / Green Apples / Celery / Broccoli / Grapes / Kidney Beans

Step 4: Choose your dressing(s)

Each dressing had their own quirky names! These dressings were carefully curated to suit different taste and preferences. I wouldn't say that their names were very informative, but they had descriptions alongside them that were self-explanatory. 

I'll give my comments beside each dressing. 
Those I've excluded would mean that they did not leave an impression on me. 

Dressings include:
1) Honeyball (honey, dijon mustard)
2) Maple Peanut (Maple syrup, peanut butter, red wine vinaigrette) - Wasn't a fan of this. 
3) Citrus (Orange, lemon, lime, thyme) - Refreshing and something you might want to try!
4) Me so spicy (fresh chilli, sambal belachan, mint) - A really interesting Singaporean flavor! 
5) Perky Sesame Ginger (sesame seed, coriander root, grated ginger)
6) Apple Cider Vinaigrette (Apple, balsamico, virgin olive oil) - I would go for this if I want a healthier flavor to my salad. It had a sour aftertaste which was appetizing. 
7) Wafu (Mayonaise, sesame oil, ginger) - Your typical salad dressing!
8) Red Island (Sundried tomato puree, grated garlic, basil)
9) Balsamico with Olive Oil

Premium Dressings (+ $1)
1) Wasa Honey (wasabi, honey, mayonnaise) - Didn't really like this as I am not a fan of wasabi!
2) Manly Mango (Mango puree, triple vinagers) - Sweet + Sour (Unique flavor!)
3) Beachy Peachy (Peach puree, white wine, viigaigrette, virign olive oil) - Tasted really fruity!

Step 5: Complete your meal! 
1. Soup Shot  + $1
2. Soup Bowl + $3.90
3. Assorted Bun  + $1

It was self-serviced as we would have to fill and submit the form ourselves before given a buzzer. We would then collect the salads when the buzzer starts ringing. Drinks and utensils had to be collected by oneself. All these were pretty much justified with the prices that do not include any service charges!

I chose the outlet at Biopolis and loved how serene the location was, especially at night. What I loved most about The Lawn was that compared to other salad outlets, this gave a more homely feel. Also, the cafe is really spacious so it would be great for group gatherings. It has an outdoor seating too! You can finally resort to a healthy meal with your family and friends without the excuse of not finding available seats!

Went home feeling full and extremely satisfied! ^^

Hope you found this useful!


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