Year 2013 was one hell of a year. It was a year where I felt like I've grown and hit another milestone as a person. And along the way ...

2013 in Review

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Year 2013 was one hell of a year.

It was a year where I felt like I've grown and hit another milestone as a person. And along the way I've learnt so much, about myself, my goals and also about the people I love. This year has seen me breaking down countless of times, with panic attacks taking over me more than it was supposed to. It was indeed a struggle, both mentally and emotionally where I battled with countless negative thoughts over nights which drained me of my sleep. It was also filled with countless of self-doubts, about not being good enough and the quest for perfection - all which which I've found to be really stupid thinking and a complete waste of time.

And then it was also a year where I've traveled to more places in a year than I've ever been. Bangkok, Vietnam for my OCIP trip, little Malaysia getaways and then planning for the Phuket trip next week. Me signing up for the Vietnam trip really surprise myself. It was more of a moment of impulse, where I saw the advert one day in lecture and contacted the person in charge personally. Then, going with a group of people whom I did not know nor had any relations with. At first, I was really afraid and starting thinking if I made the right decision. I've suddenly thrown myself out of my comfort zone, forcing myself to be independent and the adapting to certain skills to survive on my own. I knew that I needed this push for more growth. At the end of it all, I'm glad I did what I had to. I felt that it was quite an achievement for myself. This trip also taught me the joy of befriending new people and sharing common viewpoints, overthrowing some in the process which were plain ridiculous. It was also where I also got to see the world in a much different light. That there could be so much poverty, yet so much happiness at the same time. The learning experience was really something which I could never have gotten if I had not gone.

2013 was also a year where I started full-on cafe-hopping and doing food reviews. I wanted to do something I love, and I knew that I always enjoyed travelling and sourcing for food. It gave me great joy to share all these adventures with people as well as writing about it too. I'm thankful for the viewers who have started visiting my blog thus far, and for the growth in Nuffnang earnings. I'm also thankful for certain friends who have lent me their constant support and by encouraging me to continue on.

Relationship wise, this was also a year where I got myself into seeing various sights of things and people. I have loved, lost and loved again. I started to view things in a different light, and cleared up past misunderstandings that I had. I started believing in second chances, and also taking the step forward in learning to love again.

School wise, 2013 brought me countless of great memories with the different camps I attended and friends I've made in school. I never knew that camps could bring this much fun, though the amount of exhaustion we had to endure was crazy too. They say it's impossible to have really close friends in uni, because everyone's schedules are always so scattered. Well that is true, which is why I'm even more thankful for the friends whom I've made and still in contact with. Though schedules and deadlines can be a bitch, I'm happy that we all share a common viewpoint that sometimes relaxation triumphs over constant mugging in order to become more productive.

Lastly, I've extremely thankful for friends who stood by me even with all the shit I've been and also everyone who played a part in making my 2013 a good one. And also to C, FK and S. You guys have been part of my emotional battles, yet still always being so supportive and never shunning me. You guys have seen my worst and my best, and are still always there to make sure that I stand up strong again. Also, thank you H, for never giving up on me too no matter how much I annoy the shit out of you and giving in to my demanding self. More importantly, never giving up on us and still loving me for who I am. Lastly, thank You, for always giving me the strength to overcome the things I thought I could not. Also, letting me realize that all things happen for a reason, that I just have to wait it out to finally understand why because the answers will always come round.

Here's wishing everyone a great 2014 ahead! May your resolutions be fulfilled and God bless! :)