Day 2:  Raya Island, Buffet Lunch, Snorkeling, Coral Island, More Snorkeling, Street food, Lady boy show  Day 2 was more of a "let...

Phuket: Day 2

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Day 2:  Raya Island, Buffet Lunch, Snorkeling, Coral Island, More Snorkeling, Street food, Lady boy show 

Day 2 was more of a "lets go to the beach and relax" kinda day. We got a package that brought us to these 2 islands and to snorkel as well. Didn't go on the Phi Phi Island tour because we've heard from so many people that it's overrated, and that they don't let us down the boat to explore. Paid about $40 per person? If I'm not wrong and that includes a ride to and fro from our hotel, a speedboat ride, buffet lunch + snorkeling equipments. 

This was by far the best day out of the 4 days trip. The beach was so serene and unbelievably clean. The waters were really blue and it was so clear that we could see whatever that was beneath us, even the fishes that were swimming with us!!!!! We were blessed with such a good weather to the point that H fell asleep TWICE on both beaches hahaha. 
Definitely a beach holiday that I was looking forward to. :)

This night market is located opposide Gycelyon Shopping Centre and only operates after 6pm. :)

Magnum ice-cream - $2
Banana chocolate pancakes - $1.20

Sotong - $4
Chicken thigh and leg - $4.80 BUT IT WAS DAMN GOOD AND HUGE
Pad Thai - $2
The most amazing coconut pancakes - $1.20

Fish spa - $9
Cocktail at Patong - $4 (WITH ALCOHOL)

We decided to have street food for dinner because we were so amazed by it the previous day and wanted to save on our meals as well. Everything was sooooooooo cheap!!! Phad Thai for $2?! Sotong for $4?! Hahaha, you can't find this anywhere. The BBQ chicken was extremely delish too. And so were the coconut crepes which looked and tasted so good that there were people asking us where we bought it from. 

You can basically find almost anything on the streets - clothes, jewerlly, accessories and errr really cheap handphones? I dknw, but they were selling Samsung S4 for around $300 and they claimed that they were brand new. 
Either it's a fake or they were stolen...

The Lady boy show was one of the highlights of the day too!!! 
We paid around 800 baht ($32) each for the tickets and the to and fro transportation.
We couldn't believe our eyes that they were female because they were so demure. The performance is def smth not to be missed, if you ever do visit Phuket or any other parts of Thailand :) Hahaha we saw a couple of nip slips though, when they were posing for photos but I mean...... it would have been awkward to let them know about it. So yeap, we decided to stay silent #lolkarmai'msorry

Another highlight of the day: We got a free motorcycle ride!!!!!!!!
Well, we booked a package with the agency for the lady boy show too, but the bus totally forgot about us and picked up the wrong passengers :( So, the boss herself had to send us there on her motorcycle. Haha it was a blessing in disguise though! :) Since i've never ridden in a motorcycle with H before and the feeling when we did was really amazing :) Oh! And the boss felt so guilty that she gave us a good price for Fantasea but that attraction turned out to be pretty disappointing. :( Will blog about it soon!

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More updates to come! Sorry, but i've been really swamped :(