Day 1:  Tiger Kingdom, Monkey School, Wat Chalong, Kam Eang Seafood and Street food January brought about a very special trip for m...

Phuket, Day 1

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Day 1: Tiger Kingdom, Monkey School, Wat Chalong, Kam Eang Seafood and Street food

January brought about a very special trip for me to Phuket. It came just right before school started so it was a great therapy and relaxing session before we resumed our busy schedules in life. I've been intrigued by this city for the longest time, because so many of my friends enjoyed themselves there and couldn't stop raving about it. Indeed, it did live up to its expectations. Other than the fact that many things were crazily overpriced, the attractions were one of a kind. Oh, and I really gotta thank Shawn for recommending us a great place to stay because it was so accessible so everywhere :)

We stayed at The Album Loft which costs us about $180 for 4 day 3 nights. Its just a 5-10min walk to the shopping mall and is located at Patong.

The facilities were really decent and the room was extremely clean :)

Booked a cab for the entire day (About SGD $56) and it brought us to the different itineraries above till the night. 
(It's cheaper this way since they don't have meters anymore BUT they'll still try to rip you off. Be careful!!)

We got to pat and lie on REAL LIFE TIGERS at the Tiger Kingdom and boy was I amazed! We chose the medium breed because the small ones were just too tiny. Hehe, saw people giving them tummy rubs and head massages too and they really looked like they enjoyed it.  So cuteeee. 

The scenery at Wat Chalong temple was amazing. It was also where we got to see the sleeping Buddha and different Buddhist statues in the temple. The architecture of the temples were simply breath-taking, with its combination of gold, red and green hues that brought out the magnificence of the temple. :)

Dinner at Kam Eang Seafood was da bombz, where we got to dine next to the beach with a sea view. Hahaha anything that has to do with beaches will always intrigue us, since it holds a special meaning.
 We spent like SGD $30 on 2 king prawns which we kept assuring ourselves that it was a #yolo decision and that we would never ever do such a thing again. Like NEVER. So so so overpriced seriously even though it was good. The fish, on the other hand, was amazing with its sour and spicy kam eang broth. A full fish for just SGD $8!!! 

Haha this pretty much sums up my Day 1. It was more of a chill and don't get ourselves too busy kinda trip so we took it really really slowly. Guess you'll be able to tell from the rest of the post. 

Will blog about Day 2 and beyond soon.