Address: Talib Court, 5 Purvis Street #01-04 What they are famous for: Saveur Pasta, Duck Confit Atmosphere: 7/10 Price: ...

Food Review: Saveur

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Talib Court, 5 Purvis Street

What they are famous for:
Saveur Pasta, Duck Confit

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

We had:

Saveur Pasta - $4.90
(Pasta tossed with chili oil, fine-shopped Japanese konbu and Sakura ebi with minced pork sauce) 

My favorite! This has been on my mind ever since I went to Saveur the last time, and seriously where else can you find a $4.90 pasta which tastes as good? :) The portion isn't as huge because it's considered their appetizer, but it's definitely worth ordering. :) Reminds me of Aglio Oglio pasta just that it is not as spicy. 

Duck Confit - $12.90
(Duck leg confit, homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom, orange segments and orange infused natural jus)

One of their specialty mains. The duck was deboned so it was rather fuss-free to eat. The meat was fragant and tender, and the orange infused natural jus gave this main an extra unique flavor. The mash potato was delicious too! Not too salty for my liking. 

Pork Belly - $10.90
(Pork belly served with creamy green lentils, soft boiled egg and natural jus)

I felt that the portion of Pork Belly was rather small and not filing. With that, $10.90 would be a little pricey. Lentils are dried beans which are one of the healthiest food in the world, so that made the price of the dish a little more justifiable. The boiled egg went perfectly well with the Lentils. The pork belly's skin was crispy and its meat was tender. Not oily at all.

The place got crowded really quickly but the food was served surprisingly fast. The service staff kept giving us re-fills and each staff had a designated section of tables so they would not leave any customer out. They weren't exactly friendly but they did what they were needed to.

The place wasn't exactly spacious but I felt it was comfy. Looked really classy and I'm glad that it didn't reflect on the price of the food. :) I loved dining in there and it's definitely a good place to chill and for catching up with a friend.


Met Jolin that day after forever and ever and ever. We never seem to find the right time to meet because we're forever so swarmed with our own things to do. Hehe but I'm glad that we still met up for a good shopping spree and meal. I first met her during Korean class 2 sems ago and I'm glad that we could clique so well, even up till now. A fellow NM major too, so yay!

With the start of January, it also means the start of school in a week's time. I feel like I haven't played my fill yet though. Like time is just passing by too quickly. I'm not sure how next semester will go but I sure hope that it will be good. Gonna take the same mod with HM and A so at least there'll be familiar people around along with Carina and Jolin with our respective NM mods. *Fingers crossed* that 2014 will be a good year.

Phuket trip this Wednesday!