Address: 15 Duxton Rd, 089481 6223 3426 What they are famous for: Waffles, Coffee Atmosphere: 5/10 Price: 6/10 Food: 6/...

Food Review: Department Of Caffeine (DOC)

12:31 AM Cassan 1 Comments

15 Duxton Rd, 089481
6223 3426

What they are famous for:
Waffles, Coffee

Atmosphere: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10

We had:

Yoghurt, Vanilla Bean, Honey Smoothie - $6 

Tasted a little like greek yoghurt rather than smoothie! It's something similar to that of milk but less thick. It wasn't too sweet so I still liked it :)

B.O.E - $20
(Twin nests of premium spanish serrano cured ham and onsen egg and dill dressed smoked salmon with citrus dressing on herb and parmesan english muffins) 

To me, $20 for this was really pricey especially when it only came with one serving of poached egg. The muffins were really oily and the ham was salty. The smoked salmon, on the other hand, tasted just fine and the egg was poached perfectly. Still, I think I would rather visit Prive / Toby's Estate for their eggs benny since it's much lesser pricer and you get to eat in a much better condition.

 Sundried tomato and herb waffles - $17
(With bacon, scrambled eggs and maple butter jam)

Oh their famous waffles!! I'm sure many of you who've visited other reviews would have seen this on their blogs. I really loved the bacon as it was rather crispy and flavorful, yet not salty. The egg was done well too, and I sort of prefer the scrambled eggs here rather than Club Street Social's. The waffles were just alright, and weird that it came with a lil' bit of sour aftertaste. :(

 Churros and chocolate - $12.50
(Rolled in cinnamon sugar with kahlua spiked chocolate sauce)

A pity that the churros were not crispy enough! :( Oh, they only serve this on weekends and after 1pm, so be sure to go there at the right time! The chocolate sauce was way too bitter for my liking so I dipped it with the maple sauce I had instead. 

Service was rather good though you had to order and pay at the counter. Food was served promptly and our requests were met. :)

This is by far one of the tiniest cafe I've been to. It was so so so small plus really crowded on the day I went, so it was a rather uncomfortable experience for me. We were like eating with limited moving space. I was so scared that every action of mine would send something flying to the floor. So yeah, it's best for really intimate meetups! We felt so relieved and like we could finally breathe after leaving the cafe.


Met up with C on the day she was flying to HK for a short meal! Haha we ended up stuffing ourselves and eating more than we intended to because we also went to Cake Spade after this. I'll do a separate review on that so it's more organized. :) Hahaha! It's really funny how we are never full no matter how much we eat, and maybe that's why we can really bond LOL.

Hehe thanks for reading through this. Hope this review helped :)

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  1. I just visited the cafe for some caffeine fix recently, and I have to say that the coffee was satisfyingly good. Definitely a keeper! I kept my own experience in my blog, hope it complements your sharing!

    Drafts From My Coffee Table - Department of Caffeine