Address: 66 Horne Road Nearest MRT Station:  Lavender MRT (10 - 15 mins walk) What they are famous for: Ciabattas, poached egg on t...

Food Review: The Bravery

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66 Horne Road

Nearest MRT Station: 
Lavender MRT (10 - 15 mins walk)

What they are famous for:
Ciabattas, poached egg on toast

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10

We had:

Iced Chocolate - $6.50

Since I was craving for something iced cold that day and this was the only thing on the menu that met my expectations, I decided to go ahead and order this. 
And I'm so glad I did.
The chocolate was so rich and it was somewhat similar to a milk chocolate drink, just that was not as sweet. I loved every sip of the Iced Chocolate!!!! Definitely worth my $6.50 and so much more. 

Flat White - $4.50

Beef steak Ciabatta - $13.50
(Rump steak silvers with onion jam, melted mozzarella and tomato salsa) 

One of the famous dishes there or so I heard. Its rare to find beef steak in sandwiches these days. The onion jam tasted pretty unique, and went really well with the steak and sandwich. I kinda felt that the steak was a lil' tough though! But overall, definitely smth you should consider ordering. :)

Eggs on Toast - $8 + Smoked salmon - $5 = $13
(Poached eggs or sunny side up on buttered multi-grain toast)

Another of their famous dish! I was scrolling through instagram before visiting this cafe and saw that most people would order this when they're there. Its pretty unconventional, since it's just poached eggs with multi grain toast without any hollandaise sauce or greens of any sort. You get a choice to add either smoked salmon, bacon, avocado or sausage. 

The poached eggs were perfectly done and I liked the fact that they didn't have any sauces on it so it was au natural. Smoked salmon, on the other hand, was a little too salty for my liking.

Service was preeeeetty slow I must say :( Like we waited really really long for our breakfast to be served but I guess it was because they were pretty much short-handed. Or so it seemed. Other than that, it was a pleasant experience there. :)

Haha this cafe is so indie that they don't have a signboard. It's just doors away from Windowsill pies which was how we found out about this place. Atmosphere wise, there wasn't anything special that stood out except for this horsey pinata-looking thing in the middle of a table.
This place is great for group gatherings though, since its relatively more spacious than the other cafes I've been to. You don't get the "omg its so squeezy that I can't breathe" feeling here. Haha.

You should definitely check out The Bravery if you've been to their sister cafe, The Plain. I've hyperlinked the review so you can check it out if you want to! :) 

Hope this helped.
Toodles, and Have a Happy CNY everyone!!! :)

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  1. Ahh thanks for sharing that too! I'll go check it out. :)