Address: 78 Horne Rd, 209078 9004 7827 What they are famous for: PIES Atmosphere: 8/10 Price: 8/10 Food: 8/10 Se...

Food Review: Windowsill Pies (Windowsill in the woods)

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78 Horne Rd, 209078
9004 7827
What they are famous for:

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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We had:

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Coconut Lime Vodka - $8
(Filled with zesty lime curd, intoxicating cubes of vodka jelly and topped with a swirl of coconut cream.)

Any Vodka fanatics would love this! I felt that it was a smart move for them to have vodka in jelly cubes so that people who do not like alcohol but wanted to try the pie could avoid it. The coconut cream was an interesting idea too. The pie however, was a tad too sour for my liking. 

White chocolate truffle pie - $8
(White chocolate, cookie crumble with rasins & truffle)

THE BEST PIE OUT OF THE LOT. We knew we had to try this because this was the first time someone ever infused truffle in pies. The truffle taste was not too overpowering and it complemented the white chocolate exceptionally well. I loved how they added raisins and cookie crumble so this pie had different textures to it when eaten. 

Banana Almond Brittle - $7
(Sweet banana mousse, salty caramel and crunchy nuts come together in an explosion of flavour)

Felt that this was rather normal and didn't like it as much as the other two pies. The banana taste was a little too bland, though I loved the salted caramel crisps which gave this pie that extra bit of flavor. 

ATAS KBB - $12
(Spring onion and Pistachio | Pork skin, milk and jam | Mango, orange and chill)

A rendition of the Kong Ba Pau (Chinese sandwich) by the people at Windowsills! Another admirable concept! I liked the spring onion and pistachio one but Claudia didn't seem to like it because the puree had a funny taste to it, so I guess this one's subjective!

The pork skin tasted a little like dried crispy cuttlefish but the jam and milk was really delish and went well with the KBB.

I felt that the last combination of mango, orange and chilli was refreshing too. Sweet and spicy all in a bun.
Definitely something worth ordering!


Food was served rather promptly and the service staff were very patient in explaining the different pies to us. Well, there wasn't a menu for the pies, so they had to explain the pies one by one and every time a new customer came into the restaurant, they had to repeat it again. 

I'm not sure if you've seen Instagram but this was also the cafe where many people took a photo with their huge teddy bear in the middle of the cafe with wooden trees. A rather cute concept! This cafe gave me a good vibe with the pretty interior decor. :)


Met Claudia for pie-hopping in the midst of my exams! Haha, this is prolly the last time I'm gonna meet her before jetting off to Vietnam on Sat. Chatted quite a bit on that day even though we were supposed to study (Opps!) :> But I'm glad we did. Thanks for always being so meticulous and thoughtful to the people you care for. Also for being the best friend who's always there regardless of rain or shine and paying attention even down to the tiniest detail. :) 


In any case, last paper tomorrow!