Address: 2 McCallum Street Singapore 069043 What they are famous for: Truffle Fries Atmosphere: 8/10 Price: 7/10 Food:...

Food Review: SPR.MRKT

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2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

What they are famous for:
Truffle Fries

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 7/10

We had:

Mixed Mushroom and Truffle Foam - $12

My first truffle soup and it was divine! To me, anything with truffle is hard to resist. The soup was really tasty and fragant with different mushroom bits. $12 might have been a little too pricey but hey, good food's worth the price!

Lemongrass Lemon Barley - $4.50

Extremely refreshing and suitable for a cold afternoon! Loved the lemongrass scent.

Truffle Fries - $12

Spr.mkt has been known for its truffle fries for a long time so we had to order this. And yes, this was so delicious that we ordered 2 portions!!! The truffle taste was well divided throughout the entire platter of fries and it was topped off with finely grated cheese, black pepper and parsley leaves.

Eggs Royale - $17
(Two poached eggs, smoked salmon, garlic-sauteed spinach with hollandaise sauce on buttered crumpets)

One of the worst I've eaten thus far. Yes, they were rather generous with the slices of smoked salmon. However, the salmon was really salty and the eggs were not poached well at all. I thought that was only for my dish, but turns out that it was the same for Eggs Benny as well. The yolk was nowhere near runny, and this was a disappointment considering that it was priced at $17.

Eggs Benedict - $14
(Two poached eggs, honey baked ham with hollandaise sauce on buttered crumpets)

Nothing fantastic. The hollandaise sauce was so-so, and as I've mentioned above, the poached eggs were quite a failure.

H.C.M Omelette - $14
(Ham, cheese, mushroom)

Another overpriced dish! This tasted pretty normal, kinda like smth that we'll be able to whip up on our own. Frankly speaking, other than the truffle fries and truffle soup, most of the other mains were rather disappointing. :(

Service was rather prompt and the service staff was friendly. :)

Spr.mkt was had a classy concept and they also sold other merchandises like drinks, wine and cookies. It would have been a great place to chill if the food was better :(


Hello guys!!!

This post was really overdue. Visited Spr.mkt on the day before my last paper and I flew to Vietnam right after my last paper, so yeah, things have been extremely hectic. I came back 3 days ago but I feel like time is always rushing by so quickly. There're so many things to do, so many shows to catch up on but the days are just flying. I wanna blog about the Vietnam trip, but I'm not sure how too because they were like more than a thousand / or possibly two thousand pictures taken throughout the 10 day trip and I've no freaking idea on how to compile them together. Hahahaha. Those posted on my Instagram (above), or even tagged photos on Facebook were less than like 1/8 of the photos taken.

I won't comment much about the trip till I blog about it. But let's just say that it was a meaningful experience though a lot of things could have been very much improved.

But in any case, it's finally the holidays!!!!!!! Christmas next week and BOOMZ, New Year and it'll be the start of 2014.

Oh, can't wait for Phuket next Jan too. Yay!