Apologies for the lack of updates!! I've been swarmed by so many things lately that I barely even had the time to breathe. Every wakin...

Last day of school: Arbite + Chomp Chomp Food Centre

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Apologies for the lack of updates!!

I've been swarmed by so many things lately that I barely even had the time to breathe. Every waking moment is just filled with projects and more projects, exams and submissions. So on Friday, which also happened to be the last day of school, we officially bade farewell to Year2Sem1 of school and also to the end of our horrible advertising project which took up so much of our time. Still, I was lucky enough to be able to work with 3 of the most amazing girls who made the whole project really bearable, especially with our similar taste for music. Hehe our group projects would usually be accompanied by a mini K session with our favorite oldie songs and reminiscing about our younger days. (Mich if you're reading this, thank youuuu :-*)

IMG_6177 IMG_6180 IMG_6165

IMG_6161 IMG_6168

We were so hairpeeee that we even did a video after class!! Haha I guess this was also a result of too little sleep and too much stress.

After which, A, HM, ZH and I decided to treat ourselves to a good meal (well, it then became two) because it was the last day of school!!! (As I've said). We went back to dear old Arbite which never gets old for delishh food. Their truffle fries was as good as I have remembered. :) ZH got their truffle beef burger which tasted pretty amazeballs too! The rest of us just could not resist the good old breakfast. :)



IMG_6185 IMG_6189 IMG_6196 IMG_6213 IMG_6214

And since Chomp chomp was in the vicinity and we sort of started having cravings for all sorts of random hawker food AFTER OUR MEAL, we decide to give ourselves another nice treat! Haha a rather huge one actually. Had another satisfying Round 2 of good food that finally appeased our hunger.

IMG_6223 IMG_6228 IMG_6231 IMG_6234 IMG_6233

So, today marks the start of reading week and shit's gonna get cray. Have 4 papers to study for but I'm thankful in a way that they're mostly spaced out well so I still have time to study in-between. This month's gonna pass by like zoooooom! and then it'll be Vietnam, then Christmas and finally the end of another year.

In a way, I'm sort of happy that the 2013's coming to an end. No doubt, it has been an extremely eventful year, and many wonderful things have happened. Still, I've had my fair share of the emotional roller coaster and that was no fun, at all. Hopefully as the end of the year draws closer, I'll get to find my balance too.

I still have 2 reviews coming up but I'll prolly write it when I'm free. :)