Address: 8D Dempsey House Singapore 249672 What they're famous for: Truffle Fries! Atmosphere: 8/10 Price: 7/10 ...

Food Review: Barracks @ House

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8D Dempsey House
Singapore 249672

What they're famous for:
Truffle Fries!

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10

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We had:

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Tau Sar Pau - $2.50

Yes I know that its extremely unconventional to order this at Barracks but it gave us all the more reason to order this! (Not sure if it quite makes sense). But hey, for a $2.50 tau sar pau, it HAS got to be good, and it was. The bun was extremely soft and if it was not for the price, I would have ordered more.


Taro fries - $8
(Shoestring truffle fries with dramatic truffle oil)

Since truffle fries was one of their specialties, we decided to be a little more adventurous and opted for something new: Taro fries. I've seen people having this from social media sites like Instagram & Facebook and it looked pretty interesting. However, it was a major disappointment. Taste wise? Nah... not my thing. It was tasteless at first but the flavor started sinking in after a few bites. My stomach felt a little sick not long after having this because there was too much oil going on. 
Should have just went for mainstream truffle fries instead :( #regret

Barracks Freeform eggs - $25
(Two eggs any style you want, served with Chiptola sausages, rose tomatoes and mushroom ragouts)

Haha you must think that I was insane. $25 for an all day breakfast set, and it wasn't like they didn't show the photo of this on their menu. 
Well, I was hovering between this and burger sliders but I had an immense craving for scrambled eggs that day, so I went with my #YOLO moment. The eggs were alright, though I've had better elsewhere. Sausages were spicy and tasty. I wasn't a fan of the tomato and mushrooms. 
Verdict: Doubt I'll ever order this again. $25 can be spent better like say, on a pizza or something (Below)

Ginger butter Chicken Pizza - $24
(Tender chunks of chicken thigh slow-cooked with fragrant indian spices and served with coriander cashew nuts, red onion, yoghurt and our homemade tomato salsa)

Or just Tandoori chicken pizza in short. This was the best out of the 3 main dishes we ordered. The pizza crust was thin and really crispy. Chicken chunks were cooked well and the cashew nuts sealed the deal. I have always loved nuts in my food, esp pastas so it was a win-win thing for me. It tasted authentic, so thumbs up from me!


Service was prompt, and they were very patient even when we requested to change seats due to certain circumstances. We were then seated next to the window which had the perfect lighting for photographs until the sun started blinding us all. Even till then, they were kind enough to lower the binds for us. Food was served quickly too.

Well, I mean. Barracks was located at Dempsey and any restaurant located at Dempsey is guaranteed with an amazing ambiance. It was a pity that it was drizzling a little on that day, because the outdoor seating looked splendid. The cafe was huge, and had this rustic decor which I haven't seen in any other cafes before.


I've been wanting to try Barracks @ House in ages, after looking through the menu with Carina one day during lecture. Hearing raved reviews about the truffle fries made me more determined to head down there. So, on a particular Sunday, JH and I met to explore this place! Perfect place to dine and chill on a weekend!

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Amazing decor outside the cafe as well!

Haha this is like extremely overdue but I hope it helps.
Toodles. :)