Address: 130 Amoy St  Singapore 049959 6536 2655 Buffet Hours: Mondays - Fridays: 11:30am - 3pm $19.80+ - Adults ...

Food Review: Spring Ju Chun Yuan (with menu)

11:47 PM Cassan 6 Comments

130 Amoy St  Singapore 049959
6536 2655

Buffet Hours:
Mondays - Fridays: 11:30am - 3pm
$19.80+ - Adults
$11.80+ - Children below 12 years old 

Sat, Sun and PH: 10:30am - 3pm
$24+ - Adults
$16+ - Children below 12 years old 

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How much we paid per person: $23 (INCLUDES GST and service charge)

Being a fan of dim sum, I would never let any dim sum buffet opportunities pass. I first chanced upon Spring Ju Chun Yuan when I was visiting Raffles Places with S and a few weeks back, I decided to revisit the place with J since we're such huge fans of this cuisine.

I was rather taken aback by the Chinese concept of this restaurant when I first stepped in. It made me feel like I was savoring the dishes in the palace or something, especially with the beautiful backdrops and chinese props in the restaurant. Check out the imperial-like sitting in one of the pictures above. I can safely say that this is the most chinese restaurant I've ever been too, and a really pleasant one.

Extremely attentive and patient with us. Loved how friendly and efficient they were too. :)

Food wise, for $23, we knew that we couldn't ask for much. They had an extensive variety of dishes and we were spoilt for choice. I gotta give a thumbs up to the custard buns and the dumplings in spicy sauce. Oh and not to forget the ribs and chicken feet. Though these few dishes can be found in almost every dim sum restaurant, taste wise, it can vary to a large extent. I loved how they used the traditional bun pastry for the char siew bao too.

I expected more from the chee cheong fun since it looked really interesting. The siew mai and har kao were just so-so too. Oh! Do try the durian crepe dessert (as seen above) if you do visit. It's one of their specialties and it lived up to its name. :)

I've also attached a photo of the menu above. Tried looking for it online but couldn't find any, so I decided to add it on my blog instead.

Overall, I would go back if I want a cheap and affordable dim sum fix. :) Well, but everyone's taste bud differs so just take my comments lightly and try it out for yourself!


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    hi can I know how you get to this place? :)

    1. Hi, you can walk from Raffles place mrt :) It's pretty near.

  2. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Hey! Is the buffet available on all days? From what time to what time? :)

    1. Hi there!

      Yup its available on all days from 11:30am - 3:30pm. :)
      For weekdays, adults would be $19.80++ but on weekends, it'll be $24++

      Hope this helped! :)

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    The food is passable but quality is vry low. They special durain dessert have more whip cream than durian. Worse still the service is vry bad. Not worth wasting money

    1. Oh man! :( The previous time when we went, the durian dessert was still good! Guess their standards dropped. But yeah, I do agree that their dimsum is just so-so. So hard to find a good dimsum buffet place these days!