Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista  Singapore City 098382 6776 0777 What they're famous for: All day breakfast Atmosph...

Food Review: Prive Cafe

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2 Keppel Bay Vista  Singapore City 098382
6776 0777
What they're famous for:
All day breakfast

Atmosphere: 9/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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We had:


Raspberry and Banana Smoothie - $9

Perfect thirst quencher! It wasn't too sweet and we could taste both the raspberry and banana in this drink. I've always felt that smoothies are rather tricky to make since the taste of one fruit might overpower the other, but I was glad that it wasn't the case for this. Still, $9 is really too overpriced for just a smoothie.


Prive's Ultimate Brekkie - $20
(2 eggs (any style), 6-inch chicken frankfurter, maple-roasted bacon, roasted Roma tomato, sauteed button mushrooms, potato rosti and homemade wholemeal toast)

This is the second time I'm visiting Prive. When I came here the previous time, I told myself that the next time I'm here, I MUST order the big brekkie. Had a bite of the scrambled eggs the last time and I was in love. This time, it was no different. Loved everything served on this place from the potato rosti to the sausage and even the sauteed mushrooms. Would gladly pay $20 for this.

Eggs Royale - $16
(Traditional English muffins topped with smoked Norwegian salmon, gently poached eggs and creamy Hollandaise sauce)

Ordered this to share because we couldn't resist the temptation. Hehe what gluttons. The english muffins were rather soft and the smoked salmon tasted really fresh. It's not the best smoked salmon I've tasted, but it's rather commendable. The eggs were poached perfectly and the hollandaise sauce sealed the deal.


Chicken Club - $20
(Tender slices of chicken served on multigrain toast with emmental cheese, thin omelette, bacon, tomatoes, cooked ham and iceberg lettuce. Served with fries)

I felt that this was another overpriced dish. Well yeah, I've to give credit that that it really does have a lot of ingredients in it, but I mean, $20 is a little too expensive? Claudia said that there was nothing fantastic about this but yeah, it was pretty filling. :)


Exceptionally good service and it was extremely prompt. Our glasses of water were refilled very regularly and they were very attentive to our every need. :)

Another 9/10 for me. Haha look at the visuals below if you don't believe. We were dining next to the sea with all the pretty yachts parked and it was like we were away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. It was so serene and felt really relaxing for a change. Extremely great for dates too hehe. :)


This was long overdue and I've been too busy with school and everything else to blog. Finally got down to penning all these since I had a bit of free time and I'm still trying to procrastinate because nooooooooo I don't want to study for my Science of Music module but I feel that if I don't start soon I'll even be ruining my chances of SU-ing it. :(

Met C for Prive last Friday and we got this planned weeks before because it was definitely a good place to revisit. We first went there for her birthday early this year and fell in love with Keppel Bay ever since. Hehe it has pretty good lighting for pictures too, just that it might get a little troublesome if you need assistance because it's pretty much secluded and there aren't many people there walking around. Both a good and bad point actually. :) It would be great to spend an afternoon there with a good book, nice beverage and forget about everything else for a while. :)

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And lastly, my #ootd for that day!


Can't wait for this week to be over and that'll be the end of all my midterms. Hehe and its back to cafe hopping trips next week and meet ups with everyone else. Felt that I've lost too much of my life even though it has only been a week (Ok, I exaggerate) but I mean, it really does feel like it has been forever. :'(

Hope this helped! Oh and to get to Keppel Bay, you can either walk from Vivo, take a bus and walk in or just take a cab (RECOMMENDED). We walked in that day since we convinced ourselves (Or rather C convinced me) not to take a cab lest we become reaaaaaaaally broke after the meal. Which we still did even though we did not cab. :( But then again, everything was worth it and we only get to go there like once in 7 months *does cognitive justification*

Haha, so,
Till then! :)