Address: Novena Medical Center  #08-37  10 Sinaran Drive What they're famous for: All day breakfast Atmosphere: 9/10 ...

Food Review: La Ristrettos

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Novena Medical Center 
10 Sinaran Drive

What they're famous for:
All day breakfast

Atmosphere: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 6/10

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We had:


D'arancia Vaniglia - $6.50
(Orange and vanilla gelato blended with milk)

THIS WAS SO GOOD. I initially doubted my choice since Orange and Vanilla gelato didn't seem like a good combination together, but I mean, it really did surprise me. This drink had a really distinct and pleasant taste and I strongly urge you to try it. :)

Cafe Latte - $5.50, Cappuccino - $5.50

The coffees tasted a little too bland and there were nothing much to rave about. It was kinda like so-so only.

IMG_4692 IMG_4693 

Tostino E Arrosto - $11
(Italian for "toasted and roast". Toasted sour dough with Garlic Olive Oil, Spinach, Roast Chicken Breast, Tomato and Poached Egg)

This dish looked really interesting when it was first presented to us. The chicken breast was flavorful and tender, and the poached egg was done to perfection. The tomatoes added a refreshing taste to the dish and the sour dough was not over-toasted. Good dish!


Panini Cotoletta - $11
(The Italian Schnitzel, we add avocado, lemon, aioli to parmigiano crumbled chicken on toasted panini and salad)

We strongly advised Huimin to try this because it looked really good when the other customers were having it and it definitely did not disappoint! She was pretty skeptical about the combination of avocados and chicken, but it turned out pretty well. Had a bite of this myself and it's definitely something that I would order if I visit LR again. :)


Grande - $14
(Eggs (scrambled, poached or sunny side), sautted mushroom, bacon, spicy italian sausage, salad and sour dough)

On the downside, I felt that mine tasted really normal. I felt that the mushrooms tasted a little funny. The scrambled eggs were too creamy for my liking and I got pretty sick of it after a few bites. The bacon was good though! And the spicy italian sausage isn't exactly spicy at all, just that it was really infused with many different spices. Haha.


I felt that they could really improve on their service as we were serving our own drinks most of the time and even had to get the menu ourselves. I felt that the staff wasn't very friendly towards us they kept having this face plastered on them like we owed them something.

I seldom give 9/10 but La Ristrettos deserved it all. We opted to sit outside as it was rather packed in the cafe when we went and yeah, it was a good decision made. It looked like we were in someone's apartment or something with a garden-like setting and a certain infinity pool surrounding us. Eating by the poolside. The interior was really comfy too, as we proceeded in to study in the noon. Great place to chill on a lazy afternoon. :)


As usual, met up with my two cafe-hopping buddies during recess week to "destress" and "study". Haha okay we did study and I managed to complete some of my revision so it was rather productive on that day.

Heheee, so glad that they're always such a good sport and supportive of my food reviews. They're forever so patient with me whenever I snap photos of food and trust me, even I can't tolerate myself at times. It takes rounds of selection and taking to get a full and acceptable shot. Thank God for good Iphone 5 camera specs to save me more time.

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The past week has been rather exhaustive for me and therefore, the lack of updates. Have been mugging for my midterm exams and revolving in some form of emotional turmoil these couple of days which made things worse. In any case, I've been doing lots of thinking (perhaps a little too much) until I came to a decision today, and hopefully it's a firm one till I get better.
One can only handle that much pressure and it was quite scary today when I felt that I was on the verge of my tipping point. It was only then that I realized what I should do, and what I have to do for myself and my well-being.

Okay, in any case, hope the review helped!