Address: 77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood Singapore 288951 What they're famous for: All day breakfast, Cakes and Bread Atmos...

Food Review: Baker and Cook

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77 Hillcrest Road, Greenwood
Singapore 288951

What they're famous for:
All day breakfast, Cakes and Bread

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10

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We had:


Espresso - $5.50

Didn't try this but A said that it was good. It came in a really puny cup with a brownie at the side which I thought was rather unique.


Eggs Benedict (Salmon) - $19
(Two poached eggs served on toasted BandC Pain Miche Bread topped with hollandaise sauce with a hint of balsamic glaze and chili oil)

After looking at all the photos of this on Instagram, I knew I had to order this when I visited Baker and Cook. On my first bite, I was rather surprised because I could taste a hint of spiciness, and was really amazed when I found out that they added chili oil to it. It tasted really good! The presentation of this dish was stunning, and the smoked salmon was delicious. Downside was that one of the eggs weren't poached well and the bread was a little stale.

Spanish Omelette - $16
(Chorizo sausage, red & green capsicums, onion, cheese and a weak kick of chili oil served with BandC toast)

By now I sort of realized that most of their dishes had chili oil in them and it was good that it didn't make the dishes taste weird or anything. I loved the omelette, especially the ingredients in it. What gave this dish double thumbs up was that the egg was still creamy and runny inside, much like scrambled eggs. I always believed that it isn't easy to make a good omelette, but I was sold to this dish.

Carrot Cake - $6

Their cakes, on the other hand, weren't as good. The cake base was too dry for my liking and the cream cheese was too sweet.

Strawberry Lamington Cake - $3.50

Ordered this because I was intrigued by how it looked, but I was rather disappointed that the cake did not live up to its appearance. It tasted really normal and the coconut flakes on the outside did not add any plus points to this.

Lumberjack Cake - $5

I felt that the cake base was good and it had a chocolatey flavor to it. Still, there was nothing special to this. I felt it got too sweet after a while, especially with the caramel topping on top. We didn't finish any of the cakes. :/

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Self-service :)

It was a pity that they removed outdoor sitting due to some clashes with an government org but they are currently running a petition to get it back. Do sign on it when you visit!
Because of that, the cafe was extremely squeezy and we sat at a huge table with everyone else which made it seem like a huge family gathering. I loved how they displayed the cakes though!


I was supposed to meet A a couple of weeks ago for this but kept pushing it back because of my crazy-ass schedule. Hehe but everytime I did, he would understand and go, "Nevermind I understand, go do what you need to first. The cafe will always be there. Studies are more important" :')
So so so grateful for an understanding budd like him. And for always being such a good sport by travelling to secluded areas with me so that we could cafe-hop. Hehe #goodfriend

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Hahaha my #ootd for the day!

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