Address:  Plaza Singapura #01-29A What they're famous for: BBQ Char Siew Pau Atmosphere: 7/10 Price: 6/10 ...

Food Review: Tim Ho Wan

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Plaza Singapura #01-29A

What they're famous for:
BBQ Char Siew Pau

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10

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We had:


Glutinous Rice Dumpling - $5

Being a fan of glutinous rice, I had high hopes for this. It didn't meet my expectations as I felt that it was waaaay too oily for my liking and the chicken chunks inside were too small. :'(
We got pretty sick of it after a while.


Pork dumping with shrimp - $5

I loved how they had a huge shrimp on each dumpling and which really complemented the taste really well! The seasoning they used for the pork was flavorful, and this was really delish. The chef topped this off with dates which are said to be good for the eyes. (Hahaha Internet say one)


Vermicelli with BBQ Pork - $5.50

I loved the texture of the Vermicelli and the pork was not too salty for my liking. I felt that $5.50 was a tad too pricey for just 3 strips of Vermicelli and some slices of BBQ pork.


Pan fried Carrot Cake - $4.50

Nothing much to rave about. Too pricey! :(


Baked bun with BBQ Pork - $4.50

Being one of THW's signature dishes, we knew we had to try it. One bite into this and I was in love! The crust was really crispy and the combination of the BBQ pork and the texture of the crust was divine! THW really did live up to its name in this aspect. The slices of BBQ pork were chunky enough and not like the usual mashed-up fillings of the normal char siew paus. Still, its said that the ones in HK are waaaaaay better, and there I was thinking that it couldn't get any better than this.

We didn't have to queue at all because we had it at like 9:20pm? Which was pretty near to their closing hours (Smart move right! Hahaha nah, more like we had no choice becos we were famished and there was not much food left.) 
Okay but back to topic.
I didn't like how some of the staff were so impatient and kept hovering near our tables to see if we had finished eating so that they could clear and close shop asap, when there were still plenty of other people in the restaurant. The food was served pretty promptly though.

Great for family dinners! I'm hoping that the outlets they're opening soon would be much bigger than this so that the waiting time would not be so long for the rest.

Well, verdict's that yes, some dishes are good but I won't queue 1/2 hours just for this. I feel that it's slightly overrated? It does has it's signature dishes which are pretty good, but nah, not THAAAT fantastic plus it's really pricey as compared to the one in HK. We paid $30 for just for this 5 dishes and I've friends who told me that they paid only about $10 at the one in HK for a buffet-worthy spread. And yeap, the food is said to be much better there.

Hope this helped.
Till then! :)