Probably the best ramen I've had till date. Period. Address: 100 Tras Street, #03-15 Below Amara Hotel What they're famous ...

Food Review: Ramen Keisuke Tori King

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Probably the best ramen I've had till date. Period.


100 Tras Street, #03-15
Below Amara Hotel

What they're famous for:
Really good ramen

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10

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First place I know that serves free-flow hard boiled eggs with Jap mayo and bean sprouts for appetizers!
(Being a fanatic of hard boiled eggs and Japanese mayo combi, I was sold when I first entered the restaurant)

We had:


Tori King Ramen in Chicken Broth - $16.90

The soup base was really good! We opted for the strong broth and hard noodles and it turned out to be an excellent choice. The noodles were really yummy with its "hard" texture giving it a really chewy bite. The broth was extremely flavorful, chicken drum was tender and well, not to mention, the lava eggs sealed the deal. I felt that the slice of pork was not as tender and they could do away with the seaweed? But overall, thumbs up! I would gladly pay $16.90 for this standard and portion of food.


Tori King ramen special in Black Spicy Broth - $16.90

This was similar to the one I had but the broth was pretty spicy. It was good that it wasn't choking spicy or anything and it gave the broth a really unique after-taste. I would recommend you to opt for the spicy one if you're looking for something appetizing. I think I'll definitely go for this the next time I visit Tori King. :)


Green tea Cola - $3

Yes you saw it right. We knew we had to get this when we saw it on the menu. 
Verdict: Tastes pretty much like the Fuji Apple juice from Pokka just that it was less gassy. We didn't taste any green tea flavor at all.

The service staff was extremely attentive and patient with our queries. Food was served rather promptly given the massive crowd. :)

Given that the restaurant is extremely puny, I would suggest coming in groups of 2 if not maximum 4? Pity that the area was really squeezy and we had problems placing our stuff around and at times, even had to shift the appetizers to another table or to the side chair for more space. Still, I was in love with the Japanese concept of the whole restaurant. Made me feel like I was in an authentic Japanese ramen stall with the posters and comics on the wall. There was the "side-table" concept that was right in front of the kitchen which I felt was really cool!

Hope this helped :)