Address: 49 Duxton Rd  089513 6222 2554 What they're famous for: Pies and Cakes! Atmosphere: 8/10 Price: 8/1...

Food Review: Group Therapy Cafe / Meet up with the girls :)

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49 Duxton Rd  089513
6222 2554

What they're famous for:
Pies and Cakes!

Atmosphere: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10

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We had:


Cappuccino - $5.50

HM said that this tasted pretty normal. I felt that they could have made the presentation nicer if they did some simple latte art. :)


Cornelian Cherry - $5.50

Wanted to try this out since I'm a fan of fruit juices and this looked interesting on the menu. Turns out it was too sour for my liking and I ended up forcing myself to finish this :(


Snickers Tart - $7
(A party of vanilla nougat, caramel and peanuts in a crumbly cereal tart, topped with milk chocolate)

One of our favorites! It has an interesting concept which reminded me of Reese's peanut butter cups but I felt that this got a little too sweet after a while. So glad that we ordered other desserts to neutralize the taste of this. Do try if you're a fan of peanut buttercups :)


Key Lime Crumb Cake - $7
(A layer of key lime curd on a layer of lemon cake topped with lemon shortbread crumb)

My Favorite!!! This was so refreshing apart from the other cakes we ordered! I felt that this was quite dodgy at first since I wasn't sure how lime and cake would taste together, and if it would turn out too sour for our liking. Turns out that this was the cake that made us craving for more.


4-layer Carrot Cake - $8.50
(Moist carrot cake all studded with raisins, walnuts, pineapple and a cream cheese ganache)

Another one of our favorites! The cream cheese ganache was delishhh and it wasn't too thick so we didn't get sick of it after a few bites. The cake base was really moist and the combination of wulnuts and raisins in it were amazing. 


Flourless White Chocolate Cheesecake - $7.50
(A medley of cream cheese, white chocolate and spices baked atop a dark chocolate graham cracker crust)

This didn't meet our expectations as it tasted pretty meh. It was a little too sweet for our liking and it came out a little too small for a $7.50 cake. 


Shepherd's Pie - $15
(Lean minced beef sauteed with carrots, beans and caramelized onions, topped with a layer of buttery mash)

We were still hungry after all the desserts so we decided to order one of their signatures pies to share. As usual, we got Shepherd's Pie which was also everyone's favorite. The mash was crispy and the sauteed beef was really flavorful, even better than the one we had at D'good cafe. The portion is just right, especially if you're having it solo. However, I was rather disappointed with the chips as they were rather tasteless.

Service was prompt and the service staff were really friendly towards all of our requests. Prolly one downside was that we had problems getting their attention at the place that we were seated at? Had to personally go up to them a couple of times.

The location of this cafe was really quaint and it was located at the second story of a shop house. It has a rustic feel and I definitely have to give a special mention to the toilets because they were too cute and had this really old-fashioned concept. Great for a quiet group gathering or a simple date. :)
Oh! They don't take reservations but they have this thing were you can call in half an hour before you arrive and they'll save a table for you. :)


Last Saturday was spent with a few of my favorite Uni girl friends which was also supposed to be a make-up birthday celebration for Zhihua. They were actually my first friends from uni, other than Carina and I'm glad that some of us are still taking the same mods till date. :) Had a really good time dishing on our different encounters in school (Since we are all taking different majors and have different schedules) and laughing at Jas with her fake funny accents. It's great that we haven't drifted, and prolly became even closer after the recent camps in school. :)

Hehe, here's to more cafe-hopping trips and birthday surprises in the future! 
Oh! And we also mastered the art of doing a "coconut" that day which was inspired by someone's senior. Hahaha. 

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Always great hanging out with them. :)

Till then! 
Hope this review helped. :)