Address: 273 Holland Ave Singapore 278992 What they're famous for: Fresh Prawn Aglio Olio, Eggs Benedict, Full Breakfast Set ...

Food Review: D'good Cafe + Craft Bakery / TGIF

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273 Holland Ave
Singapore 278992

What they're famous for:
Fresh Prawn Aglio Olio, Eggs Benedict, Full Breakfast Set

Atmosphere: 10/10
Price: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Service: Self-Service

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Windmill at the rooftop :)

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And the coolest old-school lift that we've taken. DO TAKE THIS WHEN YOU'RE VISITING. 

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We had:


Cafe Latte - $3
(With any eggs benny meal purchase)

Didn't try this because I'm not a fan of coffee, but A said that it tasted similar to the coffee at Starbucks, which wasn't very good? Since we felt that coffee served in cafe should surpass that of Starbucks / any other coffee haunts in order to distinguish themselves.


Eggs Benedict - $13.50

The eggs were poached perfectly and the strips of bacon were not too salty for my liking. The hollandaise sauce was delishhh and not too sour but the best part were the muffins. I'm quite used to having muffins that are toasted with a tinge of crispness and sometimes it becomes really hard to slice it. The muffins I had there were soft, but did not become soggy with the hollandaise sauce over it. :)


English Breakfast Set - $16.50

Loved the scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and creamy enough and they added a lil' bit of spring onion to it which I felt was pretty unique. The chicken sausage was flavorful and just like the Eggs benny dish, the bacon done to perfection. The rest of the sides were pretty average.


Sheperd Pie Set - $15

Being a fan of Sheperd's Pie, we had high expectations for this and yeap, it did not disappoint! It came with potatoes, minced beef and carrots. The texture was just right. Loved the sour cream and onion chips on the side too. Yum!


It was mostly self-service as we were given a buzzer which would ring whenever the food was ready. Did not have much interaction with the service staff so I couldn't exactly comment on this.

LOVED IT. This cafe is three stories high with swings and even a pretty windmill at the rooftop with balls of lights that were gorgeous in the night. Each floor has a different concept and it felt really cozy to be in this cafe. I would stay here and chill for the entire day if I could! Best for a lazy afternoon or a relaxing date with your loved one. OH and please please do try out their lift. Hehehe it's extremely cute.


Ended off last friday night with a mini cafe hopping trip since HM and A's midterms had just ended and I needed a break from school. Had a great time hanging out with the two of them and having little HTHT sessions whilst savoring cakes and getting high to different dance musics in the background. It was a good idea to sit outside the cafe so that we could have a feel of how Holland Village was like at night, to chill and unwind. :)

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Just a few doors down from d'good cafe :)

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Toblerone Cheesecake - $7

Was expecting quite a lot from this but turned out to be pretty meh. :(


Lemon Meringue Cake - $7

Our favorite but I felt that this had too much whipped cream. Loved the cake base that wasn't too sour and was moist enough to my liking. The crust topped it off to perfection. :)


Hope this helped. :)
Till then!