Address: BLK 212, Hougang St. 21 #01-341 What they're famous for: Thai Food Atmosphere: 7/10 Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10  Service: 7...

Food Review: Nakhon Kitchen

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BLK 212, Hougang St. 21


What they're famous for:
Thai Food

Atmosphere: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10 

Service: 7/10

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We had:


Thai Iced Milk Tea - $3

This was sooooo good! Milk teas can usually go wrong because its either the tea is too sweet, or the milk covers the tea too much that you feel like you're drinking milk instead. This was really good and even though $3 was a little too steep for a cup of drink, I'll gladly pay for this the next time I go. 


Pandan Chicken - $6

Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaf with Thai Chili on the side. The chicken was little crispy on the outside and tender within. I felt that it was a little over-rated? Okay, I usually have this at home and the stall my mom buys from has this unique marinate that makes the chicken taste really good. So my expectations would be a little higher. Still, since everyone I know who has been to Nakhon are all raving about this, so why not give it a try? :)


Phad Thai - $5

Major love! It was flavorful and the nuts that accompanied this dish made it taste even better! The chili powder was not too spicy so this got a major thumbs up from me.


Tom Yam Soup (Seafood) - $4.50

WARNING: Not for the faint hearted! One mouthful of this and I was already choking on the spiciness but soup base was too good to miss! We got to choose between the clear and thick soup base and ingredients came in 3 choices - seaafood, chicken, beef (I think). We chose seafood since everyone was raving about how good it was. One thing that did not disappoint us was the amount of ingredients in this little bowl of soup - so it's pretty worth it for $4.50. 


Thai Green Curry (Chicken) - $4.50

Another must-have Thai dish! We could choose between Chicken, Pork and Beef but we went for the mainstream since it was the first time we were trying this. Really unique taste, though the ingredients in this were pretty little. There were only a few chicken chunks and the rest were greens. Still, it's another of their specialties and well, it did live up to its name. :)


Staff wasn't too friendly though the food was served promptly. Oh well! It not as if this is a restaurant or anything so we didn't really mind about the service.

Good for a quick meal fix or a good Thai dinner with a group of friends. Size don't matter since they can always pull out extra tables or seats :) Do go early because there's usually a long queue for dinner.

Hope it helped!

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