Address: 200, Upper Thomson Road, #01-04 Thomson Imperial Court What they're famous for: (REALLY) Mini Pancakes Atmosphere: ...

Food Review: Little Pancakes

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200, Upper Thomson Road, #01-04
Thomson Imperial Court

What they're famous for:
(REALLY) Mini Pancakes

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Service: 7/10

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We had:


Lychee Yakult - $3.70
Apple Yakult - $3.70

We were totally in love with this! I knew I had to have this when it caught my eye on the menu, since I've always been a fan of yakult. So imagine Lychee/Apple Flavoured Yakult in a jar. I could also taste lychee bits in mine and the apple juice that was mixed with the yakult tasted really refreshing. :)


Big fan of all day breakfast - $10.90
(A set of pancakes, scrambled eggs, special glazed sausages, potato salad and greens)

Okay, Claudia was asking me whether I was being sarcastic when I told her the portions were pretty small, but I really was not! Haha. The pancakes served were really little, about 7cm in diameter? But they were soooooooooo good!! It reminded me a little of McDonald's pancakes if not even better. The Scrambled eggs were creamy and flavorful, and I was totally in love with the potato salad as well. I just felt that the sausages tasted a lil' meh and it was too wrinkled for my liking.


Gimme S'more Oreos! - $8.20
(Crushed digestive cookies, Oreos, toasted marshmallows and chocolate ice-cream)

People with a sweet tooth should give this a try. The marshmallows were like those you usually have at a BBQ - crispy on the outside, yet soft and mushy within. It was extremely delishhh. The chocolate ice-cream was from New Zealand's Naturals, not like any other Wall's or King's ice-cream you get out there. The maple syrup complemented the dish well too. So yeah, thumbs up!


We had to collect the cutlery by ourselves but the food was served promptly. So, I was rather pleased with the service as we seldom get good food and prompt service together. The staff were really friendly too. :)

The place is really really tiny (just like their pancakes haha) so it's best for mini group gatherings of 2-4 people? I loved the somewhat quirky interior decor which made me feel omfortable being in the cafe. It was like another hidden gem found along Upper Thomson Road! Should really explore more of that area in the near future. :)

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