Address: 789 Bukit Timah Rd  269763 6466 4088 What they're famous for: Truffle Mac and Cheese, Signature Red Velvet Panca...

Food Review: Little Diner

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789 Bukit Timah Rd  269763
6466 4088

What they're famous for:
Truffle Mac and Cheese, Signature Red Velvet Pancakes****

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 7/10 
Service: 9/10

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We had:


Version 2.0 Baked Mac and Cheese Royale - $19.50
(Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil, Wild Enoki and Shimeji Mushrooms)

Probably the best thing I ever had. One bite of this and I was in heaven. I loved how the smell and taste of truffle was so strong, and the variety of mushrooms complemented the whole taste really well!

 However, point to note: I got pretty sick of this halfway through, so it's better if you order this and share? Well, if you're intending to have this to yourself, it's better not to order any more side dishes lest you get really bloated.


Almond Crusted Salmon Fillet - $25 (Not available everyday)
(Served with sweet potato puree and roasted vegetables)

The portion of salmon served wasn't exactly huge, but the combination of sweet potato puree, almonds and salmon were divine. The salmon was really fresh, and overall, this dish was really refreshing. This was one of their daily specials, so if you're keen on having this, do give them a call in advance to inquire :)


Red Velvet Pancakes - $13.50

Well, this. This was the main reason why I visited Little Diner in the first place. I've always been a huge fan of Red Velvet, and this dish definitely did not disappoint. I loved how every part of this dish was specially made by the chef - from the cream cheese to the red velvet batter. The pancakes were fluffy enough. The cream cheese tasted really special, and not at all gelat. Thumbs up!


Little Diner Truffle Fries - $15.50

Best truffle fries I've had so far!!! It may seem a tad over-priced to pay $15.50 for truffle fries, but it was definitely worth it. The fries were all hand cut, so they were not like those usual frozen fries you get. It tasted really fresh and they were generous on the amount of truffle oil used. It's even better than the truffle fries I had at Kith Cafe or Au Chocolat. So yeah, it was a good choice ordering this.

I felt that they could prolly introduce a half-portion next time, because this was pretty huge. :)


I really loved how attentive and friendly they were! Before we ordered, they even introduced the day's specials by reciting everything from the name of the dish to the ingredients that they used in it.
We went during dinner time, and the Red Velvet Pancakes were only supposed to be in the lunch menu. However, the people there were so kind that the chef was willing to whip it up just for us. Really really appreciated it. :')

Each table also had a glass of fresh flowers on it, and if you reserved the tables, a personalized name card would be placed on your table as well. Like this:

(From the next table)

They really did put in a lot of effort, even to the smallest details. I felt that it was really cool. :)
However, this cafe isn't exactly huge, so it's really best for small group gatherings for about 2-6 people. :)

Hope this helped!
Till then!