Address: 160 Owen Road What they're famous for: All day Breakfast Atmosphere: 8/10 Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10  Service: 6/10 ...

Food Review: L'etoile Cafe

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160 Owen Road

What they're famous for:
All day Breakfast

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 6/10
Price: 6/10 

Service: 6/10

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We had:


Truffle Fries - $12

I felt that this was pretty mehhhhh because it not only was it drenched in oil, it tasted pretty normal. The truffle taste wasn't strong enough.


Eggs Benedict - $12.90
(2 servings of multi-grain bread, topped with ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with a serving of salad on the side)

One thing special about this was that it was served with multi-grain toasts instead of muffins, unlike the usual eggs benny elsewhere! The hollandaise sauce was a little sour for my liking but the eggs were poached perfectly. Also, this tasted really normal so I doubt I'll go back for it again.


Big Breakfast - $14.90
(Hearty breakfast served with toast, potato wedges, mushroom, bacon, sausages, eggs and a serving of greens on the side)

We had a choice of Omelette, Poached, Scrambled and Sunny-side up for the egg and Alex chose Omelette because he wanted to try smth new. :) The mushrooms and toast were good but the bacon was waaaay too salty. The potato wedges were made from fresh potato chunks. Worth trying!


Banana Nutella Toast - $7.90
(Toast layered with yummylicious nutella and banana slices)

What else can go wrong with Nutella and banana? Still, they could have been a little more generous with the Nutella syrup and ZH kinda suspected that it was half mixed with choco sauce because it tasted different. :/ Anyhoo, it's best to share this as it might get too sweet for just one person to finish.


L'etoile's Do-it-yourself salad (Grilled Chicken) - $12.90
(Salad of mesclun with cheese with your own choice of dressing)

The portion of salad was hugeeee and it looked really good! Had a bite of this and really loved the mesclun sauce that came with it too. Hahaha I'm not exactly a salad person so its not easy for me to admit that the greens taste good. :)


The food took reaaaaaaaally long to be served and we had to refill the water by ourselves. :/
They mixed up one of our orders as well but everything ended up well. The staff were friendly though.

Great to chill and for small group gatherings. Good for dates too. Heard from HuiMin that the interior of the second floor was really pretty but we didn't get to see it yesterday as they were holding some event there. Loved the effort that they put in on the wall decor on the first floor though! :)


This marks the last day of the last week of my Year 2 Sem 1 (hahaha). With the start of the new school term, it really took me a lot of effort to get used to everything in lectures and to keep my mind focused. It's lucky that I have people like HM and Carina in lectures with me lest I fall asleep or anything.

So.... to give ourselves a little reward, I visited L'eotile Cafe with ZH, HM and Alex after a long Friday and a trying week in school. It was really impromptu as we were supposed to head to Timbre with the rest of the Arts camp people but turns out that most of them couldn't make it in the end. Still, it was substituted with a great night with the 3 of them. Hahaha. We were practically laughing throughout dinner listening to really funny stories and watching wacky videos.

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We then adjourned for some Nitrogen Ice-cream after that, as if we weren't full enough from dinner. Haha! Tried the Holicks with Cookie Dough topping this time round and boy did it taste divine.

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Hope you found this review useful! :)
Till then!