Whenever it comes to Japanese food, this will definitely be the first place that would come to my mind, since I've been dining here ever...

Food Review: Ichiban Boshi

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Whenever it comes to Japanese food, this will definitely be the first place that would come to my mind, since I've been dining here ever since I was young. But no biased opinions, I promise!


#02-13 Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road

What they're famous for:
Wide variety of Sushi and Set Meals

Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10
Service: 7/10

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 We had:

Tori Karage - $6.90

Crispy on the outside, tender within.Though I wouldn't pay that amount for fried chicken. This was complementary since I had their promo card.


Chawanmushi - $2.40

This had mushrooms, chicken chunk, ginko nut in it. Better than all the Chawanmushis I've tasted thus far.


Ichiban Jyu Don - $13.90
(Salmon sashimi with sesame oil and chilli padi on sushi rice bowl and miso soup)

Another thing that I absolutely love about Ichiban would be their salmon. As their salmon is imported from Norway, you're bound to have the freshest slices served on your plate. Loved how the salmon complemented the sesame oil and chili. Be wary of the chili seeds though! :)


Spring Fever - $2.40
(Salmon skin, spicy tuna mayonaise, leek, seaweed, spring onion)

Another must order when I'm at Ichiban! My favorite part about this dish would be the crunchy salmon skin bits when you first bite into the sushi, followed by the spicy tuna above which gives it a little more flavor. Do have it immediately when it's served!


Golden catch - $2.40
(Dory fish, potato, tar tar sauce, lettuce)

This feels like you're having fish and chips but in the form of a sushi instead. It's pretty interesting, and the crunchy bits surrounding the sushi brought out the dish even better.


Bacon Sushi - $2.40
(Cereal turkey bacon, egg crepe, shrimp roe, mayonaise)

I'm salivating as I look at this picture now.
Those who haven't tried this, I'm seriously begging you to do so. This is by far my favorite sushi. The crispy cereal bacon on the sushi was divine, plus since it's topped off with my favorite ebiko roe and it went very well with the mayo, I was sold to this dish. Period.


Salmon Lama Pirikara Udon - $12.90
(Claypot noodles with salmon head, assorted vegetables, garlic & egg in spicy broth)

I personally felt that the soup base for this was way too salty for my liking. I loved the udon, as it had the right texture and wasn't too soggy. The downside was that the fried salmon had too many little bones in it which was a turn-off for me. They could have separated the fried salmon from the broth though.


Chasoba - $8.50
(Cold Japanese green tea noodles)

A dish which I thought could never go wrong until I tried the soba @ Kiseki Buffet the other time which tasted really horrible. Ichiban is always my go-to place for Chasoba because the noodles served had the right amount of thickness. The portion was huge! The soya sauce that accompanied the Chasoba was also to my liking, so thumbs up!


Service was rather slow on that day, given the fact that the restaurant was not crowded at all. Still, they were attentive enough with our every order and kept checking back to make sure that they did not leave out on any dishes.

I always like going to the outlet at Ngee Ann City because it's relatively more quaint and isolated as compared to the other Ichiban Boshi outlets. Great for family dinners or dates. :)

And FYI, there's no difference in pricing between Ichiban Boshi/Ichiban Boshi Grand Kaisen/Ichiban Sushi. It's just that they've a wider variety of dishes at Ichiban Boshi/Grand Kaisenl. :)


Also took the chance to meet up with my Unni on that day after her intern ended! We left that place feeling extremely full and satisfied after the sumptuous meal. Nice to have someone to have HTH talks with even though we've only known one another for 7-months. She's also the first "senior" friend I have in NUS hahaha. (Didn't mean to make you sound old)


Ending off with my ootd for the day. Love love love the back part of this floral number. :)


Hope you found my review useful!
Till then! :)