Since I'm always doing reviews on Cafes, I thought that I would have a little change and do one on Zi Char instead. They're basic...

Food Review: Cafe 566 / Shawn's Farewell Lunch

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Since I'm always doing reviews on Cafes, I thought that I would have a little change and do one on Zi Char instead. They're basically stalls that serves ala-carte authentic Chinese dishes and are widely available all around Singapore. Today, I'm gonna do a little introduction on this hidden gem found near Woodlands Road. It's pretty secluded, but definitely worth a visit. :) 

566 Woodlands Road
Picket and Rail Building

What they're famous for:
Fried Salted Egg Squid

Atmosphere: 7/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10
(These statues were a little intimidating at first but we gradually found them amusing)
IMG_3199 IMG_3200

We had:

Cereal Chicken - $8

I felt that the chicken was not crispy enough for my liking and the cereal would have tasted a little better if it was spicer. Being a huge fan of cereal-based dishes, I'm rather particular on that aspect. It would also be better if the chicken came in much chunkier pieces.

Fried Salted Egg Squid - $8

This was a must-try dish from Cafe 566 and it definitely did not disappoint. It was the first dish to be served to us and we were all swooning over it after which. The batter was not too salty, and the crisp was just right. Very flavorful and not something that you would get sick of after a few bites. Totally regretted not ordering the largest portion!

Fu Rong Omelette - $10

We felt that the egg mixture was not thick enough for this and they could have been more generous on the ingredients used. :(

Bean Sprouts in Salted Fish - $6

I don't usually order Bean Sprouts outside because I always hated the fact that the ends were not picked and I didn't like the look of it. However, I was rather taken aback when they served this dish and it came all clean and plucked! Yay! That was a major plus point for me. Other than that, I felt that the taste of the salted fish wasn't too overpowering so I liked it pretty much. 

Fish Maw Soup - $18

We were supposed to order the $10 portion for this but the service staff urged us to get the $18 portion and we relented. The difference was that the $10 soup was not as flavorful whereas for this, it came in the taste and texture of a shark fin's soup - just that it was fish maw inside. We felt that it was pretty worth the trade up because it's waaaaaay pricer elsewhere and this portion was HUGE. It was really good too. Definitely would order this again! *Thumbs up*


The service staff was really friendly towards us while introducing the dishes and the food was served promptly. Other than that, nothing much to rave about for the service. ;)

As seen from the pictures above, I think the restaurant had some "zoo theme" going on with all the statues of animals outside the cafe which we found it pretty intimidating at first. Haha but after a while it became amusing. The cafe was hugeeeee and it's great for family gatherings esp. It was rather cosy and I loved the environment. :)


Well, we visited this cafe for Shawn's farewell lunch because he was more of a chinese person and not exactly keen on cafes. It was good actually, to have friends with varying taste buds so that I can get to try almost anything with them. Hehe. This farewell would mean another 6 months without him, and with FK also gone in the army, it's just left with both C and I again. I know I always say this, but time flies. Just a few months ago, I remember how excited we were that S was coming home but with a blink of an eye, he's gone again. He just sent us pictures of his ship and his bunk yesterday so hopefully he's still coping! Slight change in environment but hopefully it's the good kind of change?

Till then sailor, fair winds and following seas! Will definitely miss randomly exploring Sg with you and did I mention about his fantabulous photog skills? Hahaha. 

Untitled IMG_3232 IMG_3230 IMG_3233IMG_3235

And also my #ootd for that day! Hahaha.


I also managed to get cupcakes at the Plain Vanilla Pop-up store @ Rockstar featuring these two new flavors: Lavender Honey and Violet Lemon.
Verdict: We reaaaaally loved the Violet Lemon cupcake because it really refreshing and not too sweet. The lemon curd in the cupcake was really good! For Lavender Honey, we felt that the cake base tasted a little weird and stale.


Thats's about it! Hope you find this useful.

Till then :)


  1. Hi.. Thanks for the nice blog you did for Cafe 566. We will be introducing Authentic Thai Food starting next weekend 17 July. If you are a Thai food lover and around the area, please do drop by.
    Thank you.

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