Last weekend saw me helping out at a Mercy Relief event together with Claudia, Whitney and a few other girls. It was in collaboration with a...

Swee Choon Dim Sum / Mercy Relief.

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Last weekend saw me helping out at a Mercy Relief event together with Claudia, Whitney and a few other girls. It was in collaboration with a Share it event organized by Scape, but sadly it did not have enough publicity for people to even know if its existence. Plus, it was made worse by is really secluded location right at the back of Scape's basketball court.  The crowd was really bad, so most of us had to go up to the flea area to sell. It was then that I realized how compassionate some Singaporeans can be, and how haughty others can get. It was fun selling cupcakes with Yiling on Sat, since we haven't exactly interacted ever since the Choir chalet in 2011 and it was really great working with her! Somehow, this event really brought back memories of choir since most of us were from there. :)

That aside, it also made me see how irresponsible people can get when handling such large scaled events and even pushing their responsibility off and getting away with it this easily. Sunday became a "last warning" moment for us and we really snapped. That's one thing that I like about YT people actually, and how we can all clique because we all have the same temper frequencies.

Thinking about it now still makes my blood boil, but I can't be any more thankful for the people who actually came, supported and even bought stuff from us. Especially to David for staying and helping us pack on Sat, and dear Arsyad who even lugged the heavy cartons of leftovers back to MR with us and lending your ears to us the whole time. :)

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So yesterday, after all the drama over the weekend, Claudia and I met up for 18chefs! 18 chef will never get old, and also another place which brings back all the wonderful memories during the YT days. It would be the place where everyone would gather before CCA started, or after a horrible long day in school with the Student meals there to cheer us up. Luckily, we're still not striped off this privilege thanks to our student cards from our respective Unis. Hehe. For me, the food still tasted equally good. :)

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Met up with the rest in the night for Swee Choon! Haha SC never gets old, though I feel that it's overrated and overpriced. Still, it is a must-try for everyone as it's the only place in Singapore (other than Thomson) where I can think of for a decent supper. I still believe that it's better to drive in, even though I won't guarantee that it wont make you curse and swear or anything with the jammed up roads along Little India.

Nevertheless, it was a good meet up with them! Haha but I have to agree that we did over-order quite a bit, and the guys ended up stuffing themselves. I guess they won't be having dim sum anytime soon. Haha!

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"What huge eyes I have" says Shawn.

Wheeps, I'm just blogging before I fly off in a few hours time! I have been looking forward to this vacation all summer, and I almost can't believe that the day's finally here. I've been ranting to almost everyone that I'm dying to get out of Singapore, even if its just for a few days just so that I can finally clear my head and get a much needed break. And the best thing's that Shawn's gonna meet us there too! :)

Will blog when I'm back.
Till then!