So........ I just had the most amazeballs vacation and the BKK sick feeling is starting to kick in. I'm not saying that I miss it or...

Here we go: Sawadee kap! (Part 1)

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I just had the most amazeballs vacation and the BKK sick feeling is starting to kick in. I'm not saying that I miss it or what, since we already did all that's to be done, but I just cannot wait for another opportunity to get out of Singapore again. It was the first trip with my best friend, and being 2 girls going to such a relatively dangerous land, we had to be prepared. 

We didn't go by budget air due to all the possible delays and breakdowns so we flew by Thai Airways. We booked a tour package w an agency, so both to and fro tickets, 4 days 3 nights stay at Novotel Platinum, extra baggage fee and airport transfers were all included. And so, we were good to go! Hehe gotta thank Claudia for everything since she was the one who settled the admin stuff and made sure that everything was up to standard. Couldn't have been more pleased with my stay at Notovel which was top-notch with all the good services and the really pretty hotel room, plus its location which was right on top of platinum mall (SUPER ACCESSIBLE YAY) and in the center of all the other shopping centers. :) I was so glad that we managed to get an early flight there and a pretty late flight back so that no day was wasted at all. :)

So, here we go!

It was around 7 in the morning so we were still pretty groggy hahaha, had to wake up at 4 plus and reach the airport by 5:40am that day.

  IMG_9808 IMG_9810  IMG_9818 IMG_9821 IMG_9819

Waiting to board the plane!


 Pretty sea of clouds, and also the first time we got to see the sunrise on a plane. :)

IMG_9828 IMG_9831 IMG_9835

The ride to our hotel! It was pretty cool actually, and we both felt like celebrities since the tour guide was there waiting for us after our flight with our names on a paper. And we had this mini van who chauffeured the both of us to the hotel together with the tour guide to make sure we were safe. So glad that we didn't have to take the cab or anything in case we get conned :/


And our safe heaven for the next 4 days! Another good thing about living right on top of a shopping mall was there we could always go back up to deposit our stuff after half a day of shopping, replenish our energy and then continue!

IMG_9842 IMG_9854 IMG_9846 IMG_9844
THE TRANSPARENT TOILET. It was totally see through but thankfully there was this veil that we could pull down to make it..... translucent.
IMG_9843 IMG_9845 IMG_9850

Haha as usual, we began the trip by immediately going up to platinum's food court in search of all the famous dishes in BKK and what we could have when Shawn arrives that night. 

IMG_9862 IMG_9861 IMG_9856 IMG_9858 IMG_9859 IMG_9860 IMG_9863 

Shopped like craaaaay after that, deposited our stuff and headed over to Siam Paragon for the delish 8 course meal that Claudia was raving about!! Pictures below.

IMG_9867 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9874 IMG_9873 IMG_9875 IMG_9876 IMG_9878 IMG_9879 IMG_9882 

Located at Siam Paragon, and we loved its interior because it was super atas and I kinda felt really under-dressed since I was in shorts and slippers. Eeeeps, but thankfully its not Singapore or anything. The staff were really friendly, immediately clearing our dishes after we have finished eating and the speed of each dish arriving was really quick. We had an 8 course meal (Menu below) and cost only $20 per person! Extremely worth it because you won't be able to find something like that in Sg. :)

And yesh, it was prolly the best steak I ever had. :) The entrees were amazeballs too. :)

IMG_9884  IMG_9887 IMG_9888 IMG_9928 IMG_9922 IMG_9945

Claudia and I had almost the same thing except for her main and dessert. She chose Pork and chicken for mains and Green tea gelato for dessert. Her portion was pretty huge too!

IMG_9917 IMG_9926

Headed over to MBK after that to get souveniers and food for our loved ones. Stayed there for quite a bit before returning to the hotel. We actually walked all the way from Novotel to MBK via a connecting bridge so, calories burnt! But our stamina did not last so we took a cab back to the hotel instead hahaha. The roads are almost always jam packed, so walking would always be the better and much faster alternative here at BKK!


ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, Shawn arrives at night!!!! It happened to be his birthday too, so we threw a little surprise for him with Fk skyping all the way from Sg :) It was a really good feeling for all of us since it was the first time we were doing something like this on foreign land. We were highing like cray haha and were so afraid that we might be reported for making too much noise. 

IMG_9951 IMG_9954 IMG_9955 IMG_9972 IMG_9973 IMG_9974 IMG_9950 IMG_9960 IMG_9967 IMG_9966 IMG_9975 IMG_9957 IMG_9979 IMG_9976 IMG_9982 

Grabbed supper with Shawn afterwards since our tummies were grumbling like cray! SO........ 7/11 it was! The food there was extremely cheap. I swear I was super tempted to lug bottles of Meji milk back since the huge bottle only cost 90 cents SGD. 


And our food only cost like $1 plus? Haha. And it tasted pretty daebak too.

The view of our hotel from the scary Pratunam area. Eeeps. I was really paranoid and kept staying close to S because I was so damn scared that someone would just jump out all of a sudden. Or follow us. Or rob us which would be dumb because we had nothing. Which would be worse because they might get angry and......

But still, we made it back safely. Yay!

IMG_0001 IMG_9998 IMG_0006

And here's to the end of our first day in BKK!!
Hehe shall continue part 2 some other time! Hope you found my post useful though I know that there were awkward intervals at each point of time since I didn't take enough pictures to cover up the gaps. But the rest of the time which I did not talk about was just filled with shopping and even more shopping. You'll understand throughout the upcoming posts. :)

Till then!