(Credits: blog.careyciuro.com) Address: 50 Craig Road, #01-01  Singapore 089688 6225 4387 What they're famous for:  Sandwich...

Food Review: The Plain

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(Credits: blog.careyciuro.com)

50 Craig Road, #01-01  Singapore 089688
6225 4387

What they're famous for: 
Sandwiches and Egg dishes

Atmosphere: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Price: 6/10

Service: 8/10

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We had:

Pink Lady Apple Juice - $4.50

Was really disappointed in this. Came in a really tiny cup and it tasted just like Marigold's Apple Juice. I could have bought a carton with that kind of money spent. 

Darling's Eggs (Doubled) - $14
(Poached eggs with ham, Cheese and Roman Tomatoes on Sourdough toast)

This on the other hand, was better than I had expected. The sourdough was toasted to perfection and it went really well with the fresh tomatoes, ham and cheese. The eggs were runny enough to my liking and I wasn't sick of this dish even after having the doubles. I think this would have been perfect if they added hollandiase sauce to it. 

Generra Coffee - $7

Not too bitter or sweet, tasted just right. :)

Pastrami Ciabatta - $9.50
(Beef pastrami, semi-dried tomatoes, sweet chili relish, cheese and rocket)

One thing that made me really pleased with this dish was that the ciabatta bread was not over-toasted, unlike the ones I usually have at Cedele which are as hard as rocks. The greens in this went really well with the beef pastrami which made the whole sandwich really appetizing. It's one of the recommended dishes from this cafe, so do try this when you are here! :)


One thing I didn't really like about this cafe was that they only had a single menu nailed to the wall so it wasn't exactly very convenient for us customers to order. Other than that, the lady who served us was really nice and even explained the recommended dishes patiently. Another thing that they could improve on is to have something to keep track of our orders, as we were required to recount our orders when we billed at the cashier. So technically speaking, anyone could have lied their way through and easily omitted what they had. (Well, just saying)

While looking for this place, we actually walked past it many times because it wasn't exactly eye-catching enough and it's interior was too dark for us to notice it. It's definitely a good place to chill, though maybe they can consider adjusting their lighting a little brighter because after a while, we really felt like snoozing... Haha.

Okay, that's it for now!

Till then :)