Well most of the time when the 4 of us are out (or when I'm out with anyone), we're almost always on the search for good food. I dec...

Arirang BBQ, WHD, Smufed and Minioned.

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Well most of the time when the 4 of us are out (or when I'm out with anyone), we're almost always on the search for good food. I decided to bring the 3 of them to Arirang to try out the Korean BBQ there, since we're all BBQ fanatics. I wanted to do a review on this place but totally forgot to take pictures of the restaurant and stuff. So being the anal me, I shall leave it to the next time because I've a feeling that I would be back soon. Ok, but point to note, Histori. BBQ is waaaaaaaaay better, though the variety of food is lesser. You can check out my review of that at the right sidebar. (But do note that it might get a little wordy because that was when I FIRST started trying out this food review thing, so my writing style and way I approached this whole idea was totally different and extremely naggy. Heh)

So, enough of my ramblings.......

The service at Arirang that day was pretty bad. It was almost self-service for us, though I had to admit that we were prolly a tad annoying because we had so many requests from refilling our tea to ordering every single thing off the menu. Heh.

IMG_9477 IMG_9473 IMG_9475 IMG_9467 IMG_9479

We were major gluttons that day. (ok la mostly me). But all of us exited the restaurant with our near-to-bursting tummies so we decided to laze around first before heading for our movie. There was this really cool smurf booth in collaboration with World Smurf's Day, so we got the chance to have our photos printed. I must say, that the whole concept was pretty cool. Hahaha and we were lucky that the queue was really short.

IMG_9481 IMG_9482 IMG_9483 IMG_9484 IMG_9490 IMG_9485 IMG_9496 IMG_9504 IMG_9446 IMG_9451 IMG_9450 IMG_9449 IMG_9453

Caught White House Down with them and boy was it amazing. Okay, it was pretty draggy at the start which then proceeded to a series of intense action and plot. Then, it totally became Channing Tatum's one man show. I gotta admit, Jamie Foxx was really good in this one too. Its weird seeing both the funny and stern side of him. I've people telling me that WHD is almost similar to Olympus has Fallen. Haven't caught that one yet but this one has CT in it so it definitely win hands down. Hahaha.

I've another food review coming up! Shall find the time to blog soon!

Till then!