When it comes to a place for desserts, Wimbly Lu would come as no surprise for many! Address: 15 Jalan Riang  358987 6289 1489 ...

Food Review: Wimbly Lu

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When it comes to a place for desserts, Wimbly Lu would come as no surprise for many!


15 Jalan Riang  358987
6289 1489

What they are famous for:
Chocolate related desserts and breakfast 

Atmosphere: 8.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: 8/10

Service: 8.5/10

(Major thumbs up from us from food to the great service)
However, do note that they serve breakfast sets ONLY ON WEEKENDS. 

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We had:

Iced Ribena - $2

I felt that $2 was decent for a jug of Ribena at a place with such a good ambiance. #justsaying. But seriously man I'm not gonna comment on the taste of this. Hahaha.

Glam Slam - $15
(Grilled tomato, walnut toast, bacon, chicken sausage, scrambled egg, hashbrown and a cup of orange juice)

Do note that they only serve breakfast on weekends! I think we were pretty lucky because we went there just for the thought of having desserts but ended up having mains as well. I loved everything from this entire set (including the orange juice it came with) EXCEPT for the bacon. It was waaaaay too salty to the point that I even had problems trying to swallow it down. I loved the walnut toast though! It's something different for a change. I usually spread my toast with butter with white sugar on it. :)

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg on Toast (Doubles) - $11

Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on walnut toast again! You could actually get a single for just $6, but we figured that it would be more worth it to pay for doubles. The scrambled eggs were creamy and runny enough to our liking and the smoked salmon tasted really good. The only downside's that the portion was a lil' too small. I felt that they could have given us 2 full pieces of toast instead of just half each.

Chocolate Marshmallow Pie - $6

A MUST TRY when you come to Wimbly Lu! This somehow reminds me of Smores, and speaking of which, they have a Smores pie which is really good too! This had just the right amount of sweetness to it, and I loved how the combination of marshmallows, chocolate and the pastry went so well together. :) Point to note though: its better to share this than eat it alone, unless you're a reaaaaal choco fan because you wold really get sick of it after some time.

Chocolate Larva Cake - $6

Now, before I begin this, let's just say that I'm not exactly a big fan of chocolate. But whenever I come to Wimbly Lu, this is something that I WILL order without fail. I love how the piping hot and gooey chocolate tastes when eaten with the cripsy crust on top. Point to note though: its better to share this as well.

I found their service staff really friendly, especially when we inquired about our orders and how they would explain it to us patiently even when they were pretty short handed and busy at that point of time. We did not even have to ask for iced water and it was served to us as soon as we started ordering. Really a bunch of nice people that are worth commending. :)

Greaaaaaat place to chill. I think it also had to do with the fact that this place is pretty secluded and therefore, the crowd was still relatively small considering the fact that it was a weekend. (Okay maybe it had to do with the haze too). Though this place isn't huge, it was really comfy. I would stay there for a whole day and chill with a good book if I could. #justsaying.


It was still pretty hazy when we went there last Sat but nope, we didn't give a shit haha. We were feeling so out of place since everyone was wearing masks and we were not. But not that we didn't want to, we just didn't feel the need to go through all the trouble of spending so much on something that we didn't think would make much difference to the current situation.

Headed for Plain Vanilla afterwards for their Saturday specials - Earl grey lavender, Mint chocolate and Vanilla bean. And yup, they didn't disappoint. :) Plain Vanilla never does!

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Till next time!