Address: Basement 1, Raffles City Shopping Centre  Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore Singapore 179103 What they're famous for...

Food Review: Out of the Pan

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Basement 1, Raffles City Shopping Centre  Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore
Singapore 179103

What they're famous for:
Crepes and waffles!

Atmosphere: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10 
Service: 6/10

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We had:

Red Monkey - $7.50
Mango Cooler - $7.50
(They were having this get the 2nd cooler for half the price promo, so we paid $11.25)

I thought the mango cooler would come out a little too sweet for my liking, but this got a thumbs up from me!

B.L.T Wrap (Plain flour) - $14.50
Smoked bacon, lettuce, mozzarella cheese, tomato slice with tomato sauce

All crepes came with the choice of Plain, whole wheat or sun-dried tomato flour. We were all famished when the crepes arrived and according to Sham, this tasted pretty good! (Not sure if she was too hungry or what haha) But the smoked bacon did not come with a salty aftertaste, and it tasted really refreshing. :)

Sze Chuan Style Chicken (Sun-dried tomato flour) - $16.50
Chicken thigh with onion, bell pepper in Sze Chuan sauce

I ordered this dish because it seemed really unique and was pretty curious how the saltiness of the chicken would blend together with the crepe. I was pretty disappointed though, since it was too salty for my liking and I got sick of it pretty quickly. Doubt I'll order this again.

Banana Split Waffle - $14
Waffles with chocolate ice-cream, strawberry sherbet and passion fruit poached banana

The presentation of this dish got an immediate thumbs up from us!
Best for sharing!
The waffles were really fluffy and tasted better than the ones we usually have at udders/sc. It came with the perfect blend of custard, bananas and berries. The bananas, however, got a little too gelat after a few mouthfuls. Non chocolate lovers like me would love the chocolate ice-cream, as it wasn't too sweet and the strawberry sherbet was neither too sweet nor sour, unlike the usual Popsicle-ish ones you would find!!!
Uber thumbs up!! (Y)

Fresh Berries Waffle - $14
With custard cream, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream

The berries that accompanied the waffles were really fresh, topped with icing sugar and maple syrup. How can this dish ever go wrong ? :)

Service was pretty slow on that day. The staff seemed pretty unfriendly when taking our orders too, so OOTP did not score well in this aspect. Definitely could do much better.

Great for hanging out with a group of friends and perfect for chilling in the afternoon. Its has a rather open concept so there would be people walking around you and going up the escalator. I wouldn't recommend this place for a romantic date. Probably just a really casual lunch/nights out. :)

They're currently having this DBS Indulgence promotion, where you get 1 for 1 any main course / dessert and it's valid from Sunday - Thursdays! Simply present any DBS/POSB masters/visa card to enjoy!


Caught up with Connie, Sham and Claudia on that day and boy, did I miss them. The last time we hanged out was at Kith Cafe and time sure flies!! These group of girls are no doubt one of my longest friends, and its funny how we 4 even came together because of DnT. Noone ever understood how we became so close. I'm glad that even when we went to different paths after YT, we still manged to stay in contact. I still recall how we would all meet up after school during SR/NY days for chompchomp/korean food/frolick and camwhore like no tomorrow, or have sleepovers where we would all talk about nothing till the morn until we crash. Oh, all the good times. :)

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Ending off with the mandatory shots like how we have always taken them.
Looking forward to our next sleepoverrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's gnabe great. :)

Till then!