Decided to write a short entry before I head off for camp in the noon. My procrastination knows no limits. I was supposed to leave home at 4...


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Decided to write a short entry before I head off for camp in the noon. My procrastination knows no limits. I was supposed to leave home at 4:30 and its now 3:30 and I haven't even finished packing and finalizing everything. Rotting at home does no good to me. I end up becoming more sluggish than usual. Claudia blatantly told me to freaking go get a hobby or something but the only hobby/hobbies I remembered having were like errrrrr collecting all sorts of keychains and shit. Hahaha. Studying was my hobby. A forced one. And now that this "hobby" has been torn away from me....... I have nothing.

So moral of the story: I have no life. Period.

Moving on......

The past 2 weeks were spent with a few of my favorite peeeeeeeeeeeps. Carina, for starters, when she became my shopping partner in crime and we killed both of our wallets together. More like, we were helping one another commit wallet suicide or something. But still, a good shopping trip is what keeps a girl going. And yes I can't emphasize enough on this but we're finally gonna take the same mods next sem!!!!! Triple yays to that. :)

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Met up with the Ananas people (Ya ok its our new OG name and it's cool like that so don't judge you) for dinner at the Singapore Food Trail and to discuss about camp details. Had a mini Singapore tour after which to GBTB (Ge tee bee tee yoz) and MBS.

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Vesak Day was spent with my favorite people bowling and exploring Sentosa. Ya okay I suck at this bowling thing. Like my name is almost leading in the "Bowling Hall of Shame" or something. I am usually preeeetty coordinated when it comes to ball games but this, this is not my kind of thing at all. Haha but the rest of them were pretty good though. Oh, and if it wasn't for them, I doubt I would have even gotten any points in the second game. Yaaaa, it was that bad.

On a side note, it's really sad to know that Shawn is leaving in less than a week's time. Not sure when though, since sailing is kinda like an unpredictable thing. Just fingers crossed that it's not during the weekends. I wanna be there to send my bro off. :(

So till then, fair winds and following seas, bro! :)
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Korean BBQ with my Unni yesterday before her internship starts! :D

This girl seriously has to stop sending me videos of models falling hahaha. So extremely glad to have known her this sem and to know that our frequencies are very much of the same level. Its really rare to find people whom you can really count on in school within a sem. So I feel immensely blessed. :)

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Now that this post has been done, I shall now scoot off to do my last minute planning.

Life has been....well... I'm trying to keep everything as subtle as possible. You know, there're times when you want your thoughts to be known to certain people, but then again you don't know how to phrase them out because there're so many uncertainties on your part. So till then, keeping it in would be a better idea.

Till then!