Met Claudia & FK for dimsum yesterday! Hahaha that guy was in awe after witnessing how much we could consume. Just realized from...

Food Review: Swatow Seafood Restaurant (Dim sum buffet)

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Met Claudia & FK for dimsum yesterday! Hahaha that guy was in awe after witnessing how much we could consume.

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Just realized from the photos that my hair looked like it went through some pretty serious wreckage...

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CUSTARD PAOS. Omg *swoons*.
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Swatow Seafood Restaurant:
High Tea Buffet from 3pm-5pm (DO MAKE RESERVATIONS!)
(Oh but don't underestimate the time. It was more than enough for us to finish plus reorder many more portions of the food. We had like 10 servings of the black bean ribs? LOL. I think we had 4/5 servings of the Xiao Long Bao & others as well.)

181 Toa Payoh Lorong 4
Tel: 63631717 (The Building is just beside Toa Payoh Library)

Price: $23.30 inclu GST & Service Charge.

Food Ratings: WORTH IT.  Their Custard Paos are prolly one of the BEST i've ever tasted omg I can eat like 4-5 at one go? Oh! Thing is you gotta know that it was push-cart based, meaning that there wasn't any menu for us to order from so they just prepared what they had in the kitchen that day. But they had plenty of food variety plus the necessary dimsum dishes like har gow, siew mai, custard bun, egg tart, prawn chee cheong fun, wrapped chicken, XIAO LONG BAO, durian pastry, tempura prawn, mango chicken, noodles, some weird looking prawn dimsum... etc so it was really, really worth what we paid. Oh plus there're no limits to the amount which you can order. :) Drinks are free-flow as well. They had tea, barley & plum juice.

Service: Pretty bad ytd, I must say. Silly me forgot that Claudia actually made a reservation and we were seated in the middle of the restaurant so we were very much neglected most of the time till we decided to "complain" to the manager. But thumbsup to our favorite manager though! He really made up for everything by serving us with almost every single thing the buffet had that we have not gotten. :) Oh but you gotta know that I didn't have any probs with the service when I went previously (like 5 times alr?).

Atmosphere: Classic looking Chinese Restaurant. Clean & decent. Toilets were pretty clean too.

Well so there has got to be a reason to why I keep going back to this. :) Do try it when you're craving for dimsum!! :)

Oh wait there's more!

Long Ge (LOL) Snack from SSC. I can die for the Shitake Mushrooms.
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Ichiban Boshi. My favorite go-to place for Jap food & to collect more $20 stamp chops LOL.

Baked Jelly Berry Cheesecake again!!
Pasta Kabe No Ana @ NEX (4 portions of pasta for 2. FAT.
Truffle Fries from the almighty PS Cafe!!! Untitled
Finally trying our Paradise Dynasty's xiaolongbao in Original, Foie Gras, Cheesy and Crab Roe. There was this instruction sheet whereby we had to eat according to that 4 order which I found it pretty cool. Love love love how the meat tasted, esp in my Sichuan Chilli Lamian.

And some other pictures

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Amare had her own flea last Sat! Thank you everyone who came to support us on that day! :) Hehe managed to sell off quite a few of my preloved clothes too.

2013 in 4 days time!!! How fast time flies.



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