Thanks for being the reason to my smile :) CNY this year was like the usual. I fell pretty ill on the eve of CNY and was whining all day in ...

Chinese New Year 2012

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Thanks for being the reason to my smile :)

CNY this year was like the usual. I fell pretty ill on the eve of CNY and was whining all day in bed. Heh but I got a small surprise on my way out to grandma's for dinner and I was all smiles to the point my mom thought her daughter was going crazy with the sudden change in mood. Reunion dinner was pretty horrible for me because the food looked really delicious but the taste didn't telly for me. Luckily, everything got better on CNY and I recovered almost totally in the morning which = an excuse to eat more junk which = the fever bug almost came knocking on my door again on Wed which = NEVER GO WORK HAHA YAY.

Okay back to topic. Spent most of my time at my Grandma's and we did the usual gambling and stuff. Heh, I guess I can say that I had better luck this year :)

(The post was supposed to be longer becos I saved it as draft but blogger decided to bail on me by deleting some parts of it when I opened it today)



Claudia and FK came over to my place on Day 2. Shawn was supposed to join them too, but he was still pretty busy on the 2nd day and none of us could make it on the 3rd. :( FK was a big hit with Cookie and Claudia finally touched a dog for the first time in her life. It was really great having them over, especially we when we were in my room and everyone was varying from spouting nonsense to talking sense and I was simply laughing at everything they were saying.

Had Cafe Cartel for lunch, followed by a dessert and a movie and I really felt like puking by then. My belt kept coming off because the hole was so enlarged and I had to keep fixing it back on half the time I was out. =.=


I was pretty surprised when I saw the photos because the quality turned out better than expected with my Samsung. Still, I've gotten a new Canon so yay to better quality pics in the future :) I was so fasinated with FK's one during prom that I had to get my hands on another Canon.

In any case, its a pity that the long weekend's over because I doubt there'll be any other days like this in Feb which = lesser chances to skip work. The environment's alright but I'm really sick of spending my days cooped up in that room and not learning anything. I feel like I'm reliving the days just after prom but only this time, the difference is that I gotta wake up at 5:30am every morning to rot. I'd rather spend my mornings in bed. :(

Will blog soon about crab + cocktail trip yesterday w Wenda and the guys.
Bye! :)