Day 2: Nine things about yourself. ...

210 days to the big start.

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Day 2: Nine things about yourself.

I tend to overthink all the time / Prefer dogs to children / Hopeless romantic / Lives for food and fashion / Love movies that makes me think abt life / Gets the "ahhhh" moment all the time / Is super duper blur / Very clumsy / Has a fetish for Caucasian guys

Have this feeling that I'm gna crash soon with all the workload thrown to us everyday. I once complained that Promos was much more strenuous than Olevel. Well, I don't know what I can measure Alevels to, since Olevels is like peanuts if you really wna compare.
Fingers crossed that I'll be able to pull through all these till the end of year. I need strength, and a whole lot of determination.